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Webmaster report 2018-2019

Webmaster report 2018-2019

This year has been a lot less hectic on the website and has been more about fine tuning and finding the right spot for all the pages.

We are very sorry that the directories took so much longer than we had planned. It took a lot of time and effort to get it all done.

There are new pages on the website and some have been moved around. Some of you have sent me suggestions and I have always tried to incorporate those in the website.

Aside from the directories these have been the main changes.

  • Cleaning up the main menu so it looks less crowded. More pages have been added to the drop down menus.
  • All training options are now together. You can find all items that used to be under events and they are grouped according to their nature. Workshops, conferences, but also job opportunities.
  • The member benefits section is new since last year. We strive to ad more and more benefits all the time.

Remember that you too can advertise your event on our website and social media. The closed  Facebook group reaches a lot of our members and our open ACTO  FB page gets more attention. We are also very active on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. So your add will get a lot of exposure.

If you have suggestions for the website, I am always open to hear them.