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  3. Susanne Thomson, MSc PostGradDip, BSc (Hons)
Therapists Information
Therapist Member Level:
  • Level 3
Counselling / therapy models / approaches:

I trained in the Pluralistic approach which means I work with an integrative style which is rooted in humanistic and person-centered values. Every client is unique, as is their, needs, goals, life experiences and personal circumstances. I work holistically in that I consider the whole of each person. I will support you to be able to create and maintain healthy psychological, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual well-being. I will work in collaboration with you to identify and tailor a therapeutic approach that will resonate with you.

Special Interests:

I am most passionate about empowering clients to be the best version of themselves. I am very interested in Behavioural Science: human behaviour, and Neuroscience: the mind and body connection, especially how we can re-train our brain to think differently, and how through mastering the breath we can obtain optimum physical, emotional, and psychological health and well-being. Some of the areas I work with are:
• Trauma
• Complex PTSD
• Grief and loss
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Sexual abuse
• Relational attachment
• Anger management,
• Gender Identification
• Dissociative disorder

Face to face training:
  • MSc Counselling - University of Abertay
  • PostGradDip- Online and telephone counselling
  • BSc (Hons) - Behavioural Science
  • COSCA Certificate - Counselling Skills
Online training:

I have a post Graduate Diploma in Online Therapy and Counselling from the Academy of Online Counselling and Therapy

Professional organisation memberships :

My professional body is the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP membership number 00772047)
I also adhere to the Association for Counselling and Therapy Online (ACTO, membership number 797)

Code of Ethics adhered to:

I work within the BACP ‘Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions’, and the BACP Guidelines for ‘Online Counselling and Psychotherapy’. Information relating to both documents can be found at:
I also have professional membership with ACTO the Association for Counselling and Therapy Online.

Description of my therapy services: Online Counselling and Psychotherapy
Experience of working online:

I have 8 years of working with clients face to face and have been offering online counselling by either phone, video call, email. text. instant messenger for over 2 years.


I work flexibly, therefore, I can offer you online counselling either by telephone, email or video call. I can work creatively as not everyone feels as if they want to communicate verbally. It may be, you prefer to express yourself through various other modes of creative expressions and that is ok. I aim to provide a safe, supportive, confidential and non-judgemental environment where you can feel heard, safe and have the space to identify the way forward you desire.


I offer a free 1/2 hour initial consultation which allows you to have the opportunity to ask any questions and to ascertain whether you think we would work well together.
There after a 55 minute session is £45.00

Additional Information
Membership Number: 797

I believe in taking a holistic approach when working with clients, which takes into consideration the whole person - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. I believe that counselling is a pathway for self-discovery, insight, growth, and healing. It is an opportunity for you the client to explore your own thoughts and feelings in a safe environment. By building a healthy therapeutic relationship, the therapist can guide the client in discovering more about themselves and their patterns of behaviour. It also provides a setting that encourages the client in establishing new, healthy patterns of behaviour.

For me the starting point of counselling is to build a good therapeutic relationship which I consider to be essential as it may be the first time you have had an opportunity to share intimate thoughts, beliefs, and emotions regarding any issues or difficulties you may have experienced. I will work in collaboration with you and offer a safe space for you to explore thoughts, feelings, and difficulties. I will support you to get to know yourself as you really are, so you can show up fully and live your life authentically. You will be supported to find your own answers and make any changes you feel necessary to your inner and outer world.

Each person has essential needs to connect with others, to explore their sense of self, and to understand their emotional, cognitive, behavioural and interpersonal reactions. People thrive when they are understood, accepted and cared for by others, and under positive conditions they can build the required skills to understand and change their thoughts, feelings and behaviour that no longer serve them.  People are resilient and resourceful and with increased self-awareness and skills to cope with patterns in their lives and relationships they can have a greater sense of meaning, empowerment, and fulfilment in their life.

People thrive when they are understood, accepted, and cared for by others, and under positive conditions they can build the required skills to understand and change their thoughts and behaviours. The therapeutic relationship provides a unique opportunity in which these individual needs can be nurtured in an environment that supports the development of insight and change. I believe in supporting and appropriately challenging people to explore their lives, emotions, behaviours, and relationships. The level of therapeutic challenge is equal to the level of care and compassion that is provided.

Individual factors are often intertwined with systemic, historical, and relational factors and it is often important to explore the underlying issues, perceptions, expectations and fears that contribute to the presenting issues that prompt people to enter therapy. People often lose sight of what is most important to them or do not take the time to reflect on their needs or why they are behaving or reacting in the way that they are. People tend to be more comfortable focusing on others rather than on themselves, despite the fact that change and self-control is much more feasible.

It is important to remember that the problem is the problem, and the person is not. People have all the qualities, skills, strengths and resources inside of them to cope and to successfully navigate personal and systemic challenges; sometimes things get in the way. Supportive counselling and psychotherapy can encourage you to remove obstacles that prevent healthy adjustment and can access resources to improve coping and functioning.

As a counsellor, I facilitate the process of a client solving their own problems which can be empowering experience. Ultimately, I strive to encourage the client to draw their own conclusions and choose the direction they want to take in resolving their issues. Together, we can then set goals in order to achieve the desired outcome. Goals can be reached by change, and Individuals can change through self-awareness and insight.




Supervisors Information
Supervisor Member Level:
  • Level 2

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