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Lucy Hyde

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Additional Information
Membership Number: 418

If you’re scrolling through this directory, it’s probably because you feel you might need some help in addressing difficulties or challenges in your life.

Maybe you don't even know what it is that's wrong - but you know you are unhappy, or unsettled, at the moment and want to do something about it.

If you’re ready to take the first steps toward learning to like yourself a bit more, I can help you:

-find ways of listening to your inner child;

-increase your resilience by paying attention to your emotional, mental and physical needs;

-improve the relationships you have with others AND YOU.

Therapists Information
Counselling / therapy models / approaches:

Do you ever think “How is it that I have got to the age I am and yet something happens and I just want to cry? What’s wrong with me?”
Nothing is wrong with you. But sometimes there is part of you inside, a little child part of you, that gets a poke because you’re dealing with something it finds difficult. You can try shutting your ears to it but you feel uncomfortable – or you feel embarrassed – or you feel unreasonably angry – or you feel anxious – or you think “I’m just being silly”.
You keep up a brave face; you keep things under control; you keep on taking care of other people. You think “I just need to pull myself together – I should be able to get on top of this.”
You know what? Sometimes that little child part of you just needs someone to listen. You to listen. Perhaps you think “But I had a perfectly normal upbringing, my family was perfect – what’s wrong with me?”………perhaps you think “Well, with my upbringing, how can I expect to be ‘normal’?”
Perhaps you just need a little bit of help to learn to listen to that part of you. To make friends. That’s OK. That’s normal.
I want to help you learn to gather that little child part of you in your arms and say “I got you. You’re OK.”

Special Interests:

I am particularly interested in how we can get comfort from the natural world and the outdoors, even in simple or small ways.

Face to face training:

Diploma in Counselling with Transactional Analysis, Physis Training Ltd, Edinburgh

Online training:

Online Counselling Skills Diploma, Online Counselling Services & Training

Professional organisation memberships :

BACP (756583)

Code of Ethics adhered to:



Instant Messenger (text chat)


Individuals: £50 per session regardless of medium. All sessions are 50 minutes with the exception of Instant Messenger which is 60 minutes.

Couples: £60 per email exchange - this comprises one email from each partner to me, and one response from me sent to both partners.

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