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Eleanor Carn

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Eleanor Carn Online Therapy Set Up
Eleanor Carn Psychotherapy and Counselling
Eleanor Carn Online Therapy Set UpEleanor Carn Psychotherapy and Counselling
Additional Information
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Are you feeling anxious, depressed, or overwhelmed? I hope I can help. I am a CBT and Psychodynamic Counsellor & Psychotherapist and I work with young people and adults. I have a lost of experience working with anxiety, social anxiety, performance anxiety, health anxiety and generalised anxiety. I work with young people 14+, students, and adults.

Do you need help making sense of things, or managing difficult symptoms? Every person's journey through therapy is unique. Some people come to therapy because they have specific issues that they want to address, others to find out more about themselves or explore that nagging feeling something is not right. I work with a non-judgemental and open mindset, and have an LGBTQ+ affirmative approach, respecting every individual's chosen identity as equal and valid.

Therapy is a collaborative undertaking, the therapeutic relationship is at its core. My theoretical approach is broadly psychodynamic and informed by these principles. We have a rich unconscious world that exists just out of awareness and influences much of what we do. I work with you to bring this into awareness. Difficulties in current relationships can often be understood through recognising the influence of the past. I work with to facilitate deeper understanding of the self as a route to mental wellbeing.

I adopt a cross-modality therapeutic approach, to fit your unique needs.  After completing a Post Graduate diploma in Psychodynamic counselling in 2012 I went on to complete further post graduate trainings in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Systemic Family Theory, Creative Communication, and Working Online as well as a Masters in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy.

I am a BACP and UKCP accredited Psychotherapist and a registered member of ACTO, the association for online therapists. I work with clients for short-term and long-term contracts, dependent on their needs. I practice face-to-face counselling in Brighton & Hove and work online using email, live chat, and video. I am also a qualified clinical supervisor.

My website address is:  

Therapists Information
Counselling / therapy models / approaches:

I am an online psychodynamic and CBT psychotherapist. Are you feeling anxious, overwhelmed or depressed? Or do you just feel like something isn't quite right. I believe we have a rich unconscious world just outside our awareness that influences much of what we do. I work with you to bring this into awareness to help difficulties in current relationships, with others or with ourselves.

Special Interests:

Anxiety: I have a lot of experience using CBT to work with anxiety and low self esteem, and have seen great results with this.
Depression: In my psychodynamic work I am interested in how early childhood experiences effect our relationships with ourselves and with others.
Autism: I enjoy working with non-neurotypical clients, for example autistic spectrum conditions (ASC) and ADHD.
I believe everybody's chosen identity is valid and I have an LGBT affirmative approach and welcome gender questioning and gender curious clients.
I work with clients with BPD/EUPD diagnoses and symptoms.
My interests are wide ranging, my main focus is on meeting the individual in front of me and seeing how we can work together to help them with whatever they need.

Face to face training:

Postgraduate Certificate - Mentalization Based Treatment (2019)
Postgraduate Certificate - Working with Borderline and Fragile States of Mind (2019)
University of Brighton - MSc Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (2018)
MindOUT Brighton - Working with LGBTQ* clients in Healthcare (2018)
Postgraduate Certificate - Clinical Supervision (2016)
Postgraduate Certificate - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (2015)
Postgraduate Certificate - Creative Communication (2014)
University of Brighton - PG Dip Psychodynamic Counselling (2012)

Online training:

OTI Certified Cyber Therapist (2015)

Professional organisation memberships :

BACP (Accred) 732126
UKCP (Accred) 2011170491

Code of Ethics adhered to:


Description of my therapy services: Online 1:1 therapy sessions using video, audio, text or email.
Experience of working online:

I have been working online for many years. I work using video, email, audio and text based therapy to clients in the UK and overseas.




I offer concessions

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