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Additional Information
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The demands of managing both work and family often means many clients are unable to commit to regular face to face appointments, or there may be geographical or health issues that are preventing access to much-needed therapy. This is where online work with a qualified therapist using webcam (Skype/VSee), Instant Messenger or email counselling can provide the idea solution.

Given that life can often feel difficult and at times overwhelming, having access to a “neutral” person who won’t criticise or give advice, but instead will listen and help you find your way, can be very helpful. This is where effective counselling, tailored to your needs, offers a confidential space where you can be yourself and where I will support you in exploring whatever anxieties and issues you need to bring, safely and without fear of judgment.

My core approach is psychodynamic and as such I believe that our internalised early experiences can form an unconscious blueprint for the way we “do” life. Through becoming aware of our more negative, stuck patterns and how these may be influencing key areas of our life, we can initiate change, make better choices and ultimately feel more in control. According to your particular goals in therapy, I may also incorporate elements of other therapies including cognitive behavioural therapy  and compassion-focussed therapy where appropriate to your needs. I believe strongly in the collaborative nature of therapy and work with my clients so that together we find the most effective approach for them.

I am experienced in a wide range of issues including anxiety and depression, work stress, low  self-esteem, relationship and attachment issues, sexual issues, life stage crises, sexual abuse survivor issues and sex offending concerns, having worked with clients from 14 years old to late 80s for the NHS, in schools, in private practice and for voluntary organisations.  I have increasingly found that clients who are new to or just unsure about starting therapy due to the sensitive nature of their presenting issues can find it very helpful to start their journey either by email or webcam work, as the distance and privacy of working from their own home engenders a sense of safety and helps build confidence. Some clients then feel in a stronger position to move into face to face work should that feel right, or they may continue with online work.

Part of my current work as assessor and counsellor for a charity supporting sexual abuse survivors has been managing the Online Counselling Service. Due to the highly sensitive nature of sexual abuse survivor issues, some clients find the online medium can be the right choice to access therapy where in-person work feels too difficult. I also offer support for friends and family members of abuse survivors who can feel very confused and unsure of their supporter roles.

In my private practice I also have a specialist interest in providing therapy for people convicted of sexual misconduct or who are at risk of sexual offending: I am a registered StopSO therapist and have a BSc (Hons) Psychology and COSRT-approved specialist training to support therapeutic work with offending and non-offending paedophiles, internet offenders, paraphilias and sexual addiction. I also work with non-offending partners and family members to help them manage risk and have volunteered for a number years for Circles South East, a charitable organisation supporting convicted sex offenders to reintegrate safely into society. This work can be delivered online where appropriate and again provides a safe way to explore some very difficult issues where shame and embarrassment often impedes in-person work.




Therapists Information
Counselling / therapy models / approaches:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Compassion Focused Therapy
Solution Focused Therapy
Integrative Therapy

Special Interests:

Attachment and relationship issues;

Sexual abuse survivor issues;

Sex offending issues:
- offending and non-offending paedophiles
- internet offenders
- paraphilias and sexual addiction

Face to face training:

BSc (Hons) Psychology

Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling (Psychodynamic)

Certificate in Counselling Young People (14-18)

Professional Certificate in Working Therapeutically with Sex Offenders (StopSO)

Certificates including:

Working Therapeutically with Survivors of Systematic and Ritual Abuse

Working with Rape and Sexual Abuse (PARCS)

Working with Suicidal Ideation (PODS)

Working with Disorganised Attachment (PODS)

Trauma and the Body (PODS)

Working with Dissociation (PODS)

Online diploma training in NLP/CBT (in progress)







Online training:

Diploma in Online Counselling Skills and Therapy (OCST) (Jane Evans/ACTO).

Professional organisation memberships :

British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) no. 755063
British Psychological Society (BPS) no. 340713
Association for Counselling and Therapy Online (ACTO)

Code of Ethics adhered to:


Description of my therapy services: Psychodynamic-based, integrative therapy services by email/VSee/IM.
Experience of working online:

I have managed the online counselling service for a UK-based charity specialising in supporting sexual abuse survivors for over 4 years.

I also use VSee and email counselling as part of my private practice for a wide range of presenting issues.


VSee (webcam)
Instant Messenger


£50 per session (1 hour) webcam/IM.
£35 per 1000 word limit email.

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