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Adrian Rhodes

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Additional Information
Membership Number: 308

Life can be tough at times.

Often, we can work through those times, either alone or with the help of others.

Sometimes we need the help of a professional person who can stand alongside us and help us think through what is happening to us and how to change things. To make sense of the nonsense.

This is where I come in. It is my job to sit with people and listen - to listen carefully in a way that others rarely do. To listen not just to the words, but also to the ‘music’ behind them. To listen to how you live in the word now, with all the joys and frustrations and confusions - but also to pay attention to your past - to how you have become who you are. And I also reflect on how you and I, meeting together, get on with each other - because in that encounter, there is much to learn - though it is important to stress that this is about you, not me!

It is important that you feel safe, held, accepted and not judged - that you can trust both me and the process - especially when it gets tough.

I help people with problems of anxiety and depression, difficulties in personal or sexual relationships, conflicts at work or with others. I help people who feel burdened by their past – or whose habitual ways of interacting no longer work well. Sometimes people have a general loss of a sense of meaning or purpose in life.

To the time that we meet, you bring whatever is uppermost in your mind - current difficulties, memories or painful experiences, dreams, powerful or disturbing emotions. What I bring is my understanding of conscious and unconscious processes, my professional expertise - and years of experience of sitting with what is unbearable, of listening to what cannot be said, to make sense of what seems nonsense.

My role is to help your story unfold, to make it possible for the unspeakable to be spoken, to discern the patterns and themes below the surface and make them known.

Through the listening comes understanding; and understanding makes it possible for you to change.

Adrian Rhodes,
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist. 

Therapists Information
Counselling / therapy models / approaches:

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist
Group and Individual
Face-to-face and online

Special Interests:

Personal confusion, loss of identity
Relationship issues
Bereavement and loss
Low self-esteem
Long-term psychoanalytic therapy

Face to face training:
1971-72 Pastoral Care Training – Queen’s College, Birmingham
1975-77 Counselling training – University of Manchester.
1983-85 Cognitive Analytic Therapy training, Gaskell House, Manchester.
1986-87 Diploma in Group Therapy, Group Analysis North, Manchester.
1988-94 Diploma in Individual and Group Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy


Online training:

Diploma in Online Counselling and Psychotherapy, Academy for Online Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Professional organisation memberships :

UKCP 00940163

Code of Ethics adhered to:



Instant messaging (Text)


£70 per 'session'.
I offer a 10-session package for £550.
The initial session is without charge.

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