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Dr Kate Thompson

Membership Number: 407
Its hard to reach out for help when things are not going well - I hope that I can help you think further about the difficulties the you are experiencing. I am a counselling psychologist with 2 decades worth of experience working in NHS mental health services but have recently been working in the voluntary sector and for the Ministry of  Defence. I work a lot with the impact of psychological trauma and major change, both of which can create real difficulties for people. I also really enjoy working cross culturally. Working across cultures allows me to use difference as an area to explore with the people I work with, to help enlighten therapy work and open up new areas.  I have a lot of experience of working with people based all around the world, as well as those working in the Humanitarian and Mission sectors. I am also really interested in how people manage challenges at work, and how our work-life balance can create symptoms and difficulties in other areas. I am a trained couple counsellor and enjoy working with couples or using a couple focus for individuals with relationship problems. In all my work, I notice the way that strict personal rules and high expectations can create problems, and mean that we lose compassion for ourselves at the times of life that we most need it.

Roya Hamid

Therapist Member Level:
  • Level 2
Membership Number: 750

Dramatherapy is an expressive form of psychotherapy that uses action methods, such as DRAMA, STORY AND PLAY to help us understand how we can change ourselves and the way we live. It offers alternative and creative ways of communicating and understanding what is often difficult to put into words and at times overwhelming to deal with.

It is can be easier for some of us to find ‘our voices’ and explore how we feel using creative methods; movement, sound, metaphor, story, enactment, small object work, art, clay, puppets and mask.  The life/story connection can then be made and reflected on with the Dramatherapist. Talking and reflecting is also a welcomed part of the process.

Andrea Hutton

Membership Number: 554
Online counselling allows technology to add flexibility to the counselling process without reducing the one-to-one human dimension that lies at the heart of therapy. I am fully trained/qualified in this way of working and offer video (over a secure and encrypted platform), email, instant messenger or telephone sessions that makes counselling much more accessible to you. During this crisis, or for those living in remote locations or perhaps housebound, if you have internet access, physical isolation is no longer a barrier to accessing professional counselling services. You have taken a huge step in seeking support, now it is finding the right counsellor for you to make a connection with and feel comfortable to share your personal issues in a safe, confidential setting.  My work with clients is based on the values of compassion, authenticity and kindness. I enjoy meeting individuals and couples who are invested in their therapy as I work alongside them, to support them to make the changes they want whilst honouring their independence to live a life that is of value and has meaning for them. I have worked with many individuals and couples who have had a variety of personal issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, family problems, trauma, abuse, addiction, relationships, parenting, self-esteem and more.  Counselling can strengthen you to grow through challenging experiences by increasing your self-awareness. Additionally, it provides an opportunity for you to be with another person that isn't in your immediate circle who is able to offer you another perspective or additional support.

James Ward

Therapist Member Level:
  • Level 2
Membership Number: 775
Hello, my name is James Ward and I offer immediate and accessible  Zoom and phone counselling. - I am a Person Centered Counsellor and i  also integrate CBT based in the city center area of Liverpool. I am also a BACP registered and an ACTO online registered therapist. - I see clients in the evening and I also see clients at the weekend as well as afternoon appointments. - I’m a warm, genuine, real and non-judgmental person which are the attributes needed when counselling clients using the Person Centered approach. - I feel I form bonds and rapports with both individual and couples clients quite easily and I help people help themselves move forward in their lives on a regular basis. - I have worked with many diverse groups of clients with many diverse sets of presenting issues whilst working as a counsellor both in the NHS and in my own private practice, these being anxiety, divorce and relationship breakdown, gambling addiction, cocaine addiction(all drug addiction), alcohol addiction, sexual and mental abuse, anger management, bullying, harassment, stress, depression, social anxiety, OCD, etc. - I feel that I can help clients help themselves move forward with any issues they may have. - Sometimes clients need someone to talk to that they can trust, away from family members or friends. - Counselling is a way to gain a greater understanding of issues they may have or indeed find new resolutions or different perspectives to these issues. - Sometimes clients need to offload feelings and emotions they are carrying around with them or sometimes life is becoming too much for them and they are struggling to cope, counselling can help with this and make the client feel lighter when they leave and more healthy. - If you would like counselling for an issue/s or need any advice relating to counselling or what [...]

Clare-Marie Keel

Therapist Member Level:
  • Level 2
Membership Number: 1042
Supervisor Member Level:
  • Level 2

Hello and a warm welcome, many of us experience difficult times when problems overwhelm us, and we need someone to talk to. Sometimes we need someone independent to our friends and family. I provide a safe, therapeutic, non-judgmental and confidential space where you can talk freely about what is concerning you. We can take the time to explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviours as well as reflecting on your life, relationships and work. Working together, we can piece together the reasons that causing your issues, and enable you to bring about lasting improvements in the way you feel which will hopefully give you a more fulfilling life.

Alison Cassy

Membership Number: 443

If you would like to try therapy but for whatever reason are unable to attend in-person sessions, my hope is that you will consider trying webcam, IM or email therapy so that you can access the support you need to process your issues and build yourself a happier, healthier future. 

I hold full indemnity insurance and current DBS certificate and undergo regular approved supervision and CPD training in line with BACP guidelines. I try to answer enquiries within 48 hours. Work can be short or longer term and hours are very flexible to meet the needs of my clients’ lives.

Lyn O’Callaghan

Membership Number: 703

Do you want your life to be different but not know the steps to take?
Are you tied to a past experience that you are struggling to overcome?
Are you ready to make changes and need some support to make that important next move?
Happy Hatching Mind is a holistic therapeutic service, utilising integrative counselling, hypnotherapy, and mindfulness to support you on your journey.

Bev Kidd Counsellor and Psychotherapist

Therapist Member Level:
  • Level 2
Membership Number: 1020

I work with adults (over 18 years old) but bring training, knowledge and experience of development across our life spans to help us. My background includes knowledge and experience of learning disabilities, autism, cognitive impairments, learning theory and psychological ill-health.

Lucy Hyde

Membership Number: 418

If you’re scrolling through this directory, it’s probably because you feel you might need some help in addressing difficulties or challenges in your life.

Maybe you don't even know what it is that's wrong - but you know you are unhappy, or unsettled, at the moment and want to do something about it.

If you’re ready to take the first steps toward learning to like yourself a bit more, I can help you:

-find ways of listening to your inner child;

-increase your resilience by paying attention to your emotional, mental and physical needs;

-improve the relationships you have with others AND YOU.

David Slattery

Membership Number: 415
I have worked as a therapist for 30 years, and before that in mental health in the voluntary sector. I offer to create, with clients, an experience of deep acknowledgement and acceptance, which leads to profound change. A combination of deep listening, acceptance and challenge. 

Penny Marvin Reg.MBACP specialising in loss and change

Therapist Member Level:
  • Level 2
Membership Number: 992
Hello. My name is Penny and thank you for visiting my profile. Considering counselling takes courage, so well done for coming this far. You may be feeling lost, sad, anxious, uncertain or would just like to learn a little more about the benefits of talking. Whatever is on your mind, I believe talking therapy can help. I have a background in supporting people dealing with loss or struggling with change and acceptance. Perhaps you have lost a loved one, a job, the end of a relationship or simply feel a bit lost in life's twists and turns. Whatever is on your mind, I hope I can help you find your own way.