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Alison Lawrence – Accessible Online Counselling

Membership Number: 307
I am a qualified online counsellor offering support for individuals experiencing life stress, anxiety, depression or loss issues. I also offer support to individuals with neurodiversity, physical disability or autism. As a counsellor ,I am passionate about equal opportunities and use online tools  to offer an accessible counselling service.  

Roxana Rudzik-Shaw

Membership Number: 177
Struggling to cope with day-to-day life? Anxious that nothing will ever change? Work-life balance out of sync? Uncertain what the future holds for you? Seeking effective strategies to help you to get back 'on track'? For over a decade, Roxana Rudzik-Shaw has supported thousands of clients just like you in their personal and professional lives. Roxana can work together with you to realise your full potential by tailoring support and solution-focused strategies to your individual needs in your unique journey through life. RRS Counselling, Consultancy & Creativity Services offer you time and space to explore areas of your life that you [...]

Dr Rosie Gilderthorp, Clinical Psychologist

Membership Number: 452
Is something stopping you living the life you want to live? Is there something stopping you from enjoying your relationships or work life? Are you struggling to find pleasure in your family life? I use ACT therapy to help adults, teens and couples deal with thoughts and feelings differently so they can do what matters to them. I have a special interest in helping parents enjoy life despite the stresses that pregnancy, birth and the years with young children can bring. I can help with diagnosed mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, personality disorder and PTSD but I focus on YOUR [...]

Myira Khan

Membership Number: 239
Online counselling - choice of email, video, text messaging or telephone.

Liz Mackenzie

Membership Number: 335
Face To Face Supervisor Training:

Clinical Supervision training 1993-1995 Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute (all modalities)

Description of my online supervision service: I work online with individuals who are counselling privately, or within organisations.
I provide online counselling via VSee or Zoom (similar to Skype but more secure), using Instant Messaging or Webcam); I can also provide this via email. I have more than 20 years experience working face-to-face as a counsellor/ psychotherapist and more than two years working as an online counsellor.. 

Renee McDonald

Membership Number: 454
Description of my online supervision service:
I provide face-to-face and online Counselling, psychotherapy and coaching services to promote wellness, good mental health and prevention in Australia and across the world. I have worked as a counsellor/psychotherapist in Australia for over 17 years - and in my own private practice for 13 years. I have been working online in Australia for over 10 years and internationally for over the past couple of years. I am also an online supervisor, mentor and provide online therapy training in Australia. I have recently written my first textbook - Online therapy: Processes, tasks, integration and energetic holding. My work speaks to [...]

Damian Sweeney

Membership Number: 266
Description of my therapy services: International online therapy: On line therapy through video platforms, Skype, Zoom, Whats app, Google hangouts or plusguidance Types of services---- Video, voice only, instant chat conversations in real time or email. 

David Wigglesworth

Membership Number: 433
My Approach: As an experienced Person-Centered therapist I work with a set of skills and attitudes that honor the uniqueness and autonomy of each client. Rather than offering treatment programs based on diagnostic labels, I work in a way that responds to an individuals personal experiencing of their world and the meanings it holds for them. Our life circumstances and conditioning often conspire to throw us off balance and tie us in knots, resulting in us not being able to trust and rely on our own inner resources. This can leave us feeling anxious, depressed or overwhelmed in other ways, [...]

Margareta Mayhew-Pilaar

Membership Number: 316
The heart of my work is to identify the client's need because every person and every problem is different. I do not believe in one correct or one best therapy direction. This approach underpins integrative, relational and holistic way of working. 

Maryam Best

Membership Number: 144
Description of my online supervision service:
I aim to support you via confidential email exchanges, as you reflect on yourself and your circumstances. Where appropriate, together we can find a way forward that you consider to be helpful, rewarding and lasting. The process of reflection and exploration normally awakens or heightens emotions. Our work together can help make sense of any triggered emotions and thoughts; it can also support you to safely make appropriate changes, as and when you choose to do so. It would be impossible to do this work without your trust, motivation and cooperation and anything you disclose is treated respectfully and confidentially. CONFIDENTIALITY (YOUR [...]

Barbara Munske-Cresswell

Membership Number: 207
As a systemic therapist I have experience working in the UK, Germany and Jamaica with individuals, teams and families. I offer a confidential and supportive environment online where personal issues can be explored. In a safe space, ways to move forward can evolve so that you can carry on a familiar path with new ideas or change direction. Sometimes, we just need time for reflection. Sometimes, we would like a bigger change. I look forward to working with you.

Duncan Branley

Membership Number: 340
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