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Dr. Marion Mensing

Therapist Member Level:
  • Level 2
Membership Number: 597

I focus on the healing of inner systems through Self-leadership. The defences you have built around your vulnerability have served you to survive. Connecting to your inner parts and processes in a creative and caring dialogue brings awareness of who you really are and—finally—also healing. This is the essence of what is called Internal Family Systems Therapy; but it is also the core of Gabor Maté’s Compassionate Inquiry. I would like to facilitate this inner process. In the first video session we would try to find out if we can work with each other, if online counselling is the right way for you and how we can proceed. And we take it from there…

Jacqui Bukbardis

Membership Number: 929

My working approach is to enable you to explore any problems or difficult feelings you are experiencing, with the hope that over time you can make changes that will help you to cope and feel better.

Our shared goal is to enable you to explore any problems or difficult feelings you are experiencing, with the hope that over time you can make changes that will help you to cope and feel better.

I aim to be empathic while being guided by you. I believe that our past can affect our present and sometimes we are not consciously aware of what is influencing us. It is important that we can form a partnership and that you feel comfortable and able to trust me, so that you can talk about the things that matter to you.

I offer three ways of working;

1 – Zoom (video platform)
2 – Email
3 – Instant messaging.

With Zoom I will invite you via email to join a meeting with me. This will be confidential and will, like face to face counselling last 1 hour unless we agree a shorter meeting. We will try to meet at the same time each week.

Rob Radcliffe, BA, MPhil, MSc

Membership Number: 231
I am a humanistic therapist with 7 years' post qualification experience of both face to face and online work, supporting clients through a range of issues such as anxiety and stress, depression, bereavement, relationship problems, self esteem issues, and many other problems. I generally use email as my online counselling medium, this can take the form of a conversation, but I also have experience of therapeutic writing and can work with creative exercises that will help you explore yourself and understand yourself better. I am an LGBTQIA affirmative therapist and also kink/BDSM aware. I also have an interest in transpersonal psychology and psychedelic integration.  

Alison Lawrence – Accessible Online Counselling

Membership Number: 307

I am a qualified online counsellor offering support for individuals experiencing life stress, anxiety, depression or loss issues.

I am also happy to work with issues around identity.

I also offer support to individuals with neurodiversity, physical disability or autism.

As a counsellor ,I am passionate about equal opportunities and use online tools  to offer an accessible counselling service.


Steve Kirby

Membership Number: 479
Description of my online supervision service: N/A
I am an experienced psychotherapist. I have worked for many years at organisations such as the Nightingale Hospital, one of the UK's leading mental health clinics, as well as in private practice. I now work from Portugal via Skype. This way of working has been valued by clients throughout the UK and further afield, combining effective therapy with the ease and convenience of sessions from their own home. 

Hulya Kusella

Therapist Member Level:
  • Level 2
Membership Number: 440
Description of my online supervision service: Video based clinical supervision

Online certified, BACP Registered and Accredited Integrative Psychotherapist. Specialising in trauma, low moods, anxiety, relationship challenges, self identity and life transitions with individuals.

Mary Wood

Membership Number: 401
It’s a brave step to reach out for help if you’re suffering from any problem that affects your mental health. If you are experiencing stress, anxiety, relationship problems, an eating disorder, or depression, then talking therapy can be a safe environment to get some relief. I am a fully-qualified psychotherapist with 19 years' experience helping clients to explore both the root-causes of their problems and practical strategies for coping with everyday situations. This will help you break destructive habits and establish new routines and relationships.  You can move forward and achieve sustainable life change. My online clients range in age from teens onwards. Together, we look at the root causes, which may include trauma, bereavement, and low self-esteem. I help each client find their own, unique path to recovery.  

Melanie Withers

Membership Number: 489

Life can sometimes feel quite overwhelming and deciding to come to therapy or couple counselling can be a daunting experience especially when feeling confused, depressed, anxious or upset.  However the experience of talking to an approachable professional can often be a real relief.  My aim as a therapist is to provide time and space for those wanting to explore  their difficulties within the setting of a safe,  confidential therapeutic relationship.  By processing painful or traumatic experiences, looking at relationship dynamics, addressing unconscious or limiting aspects of behaviour, potential new ways of coping with life’s issues can often be found and concerns resolved.

Stephanie Lim

Therapist Member Level:
  • Level 2
Membership Number: 1036
You are beginning to understand that your well-being and health are priorities but you are having difficulties taking action to live this truth. You find yourself repeating the same narratives while consuming information that guide you on that path of self-care to no avail. You are frustrated and you are also feeling scared that your issues might spiral. Healing and changing can be a lonely journey. You matter and you deserve someone committed to your mental and emotional health to walk with you. Get in touch and find out if I can meet your therapeutic needs.

Susanne Barthelmes – MA, MBACP(Reg)

Therapist Member Level:
  • Level 2
Membership Number: 585

I am a UK-based bi-lingual counsellor and psychotherapist, offering Zoom or telephone counselling to clients of all ages nationally and internationally. I offer a free 30min ‘getting-to-know’ session where we can discuss what brings you to counselling and what you would like to get out of it.

Jody Robins

Therapist Member Level:
  • Level 2
Membership Number: 550
My own experience of trauma and therapy gave me the hope and belief that change and post traumatic growth are possible. None  of us are immune to the suffering or difficulties that life can bring. We are not always prepared for change especially when it takes us by surprise from losing our job, to experiencing/witnessing abuse, or a traumatic event, losing a loved one or generally feeling lost or disconnected in ourselves. It can leave us feeling unable to cope, undeserving or even scared of feeling hopeful again in case something bad happens. Despite how you are feeling, you are doing the best you can and it’s ok for us all to fall apart for a while in the onset of suffering. If after a while though you are still struggling, can’t relax, feel stuck, or have a sense that happiness will ultimately lead to more suffering then it may help to talk through your experience with someone like myself. As an integrative counsellor I do not prescribe to a “one size fits all” modality as we have all come to where we are from different backgrounds, cultures and experiences which have moulded us into our own unique version of ourselves. Sometimes the self becomes disrupted through life’s difficulties or individual or sustained trauma and we can feel less whole as a result, fragmented even. Therefore, my work is focused on guiding you back to feeling yourself and supporting you in reclaiming those parts that may feel lost, broken, unheard or discarded. By helping you to understand and find meaning in your experiences and assist you in developing new coping strategies that encourage growth and a more content way of living. It is a great privilege to work in a role where I get to share a part of someone else’s journey [...]

Lara Just PgDip BSc(Hons)

Membership Number: UKCP 2011162358, ACTO 304
If you are going through these profiles here, you are probably wondering who on Earth may be the right person for you. Maybe you are experiencing quite specific difficulties in your life right now, or maybe you are not sure what it is exactly you are here for. What makes good therapy different? I work differently. With each person. Online and outdoors and outdoors online! My co-therapist and therapy-dog ‘Alba’ assists me where needed. My extensive training and experience provide me with many colours available for your unique personal palette to support your needs, requirements and goals for therapy.   You may be in a life transition, grief/loss, question your life purpose, or feel your relationships with partners, friends or family are difficult. I specialise in relationship issues, life purpose, grief/loss, trauma, and LGBT+ matters for adults and adolescents. I offer a safe, unbiased space to talk that is removed from your direct family and friends. This freedom to speak openly can be helpful when trying to talk through tricky and uncomfortable feelings. Talking things through with a trained therapist can really make a difference. It can provide different perspectives previously hidden from view and help you uncover solutions that are right for you. I understand how it can feel to be in these tricky, even dark places, and how hard it is at times to get out of them. It can also feel really difficult to reach out for help. The first session is free of charge, so why not get in touch to see what approach could work best for you, and let’s take it from there?