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Susan Utting-Simon

Presenter: Susan Utting-Simon
Title: The Voice within the Written Word. Text Based Therapy with CYP

Finding The Voice in the Written Word: Text-based therapy with Children and Young People. 

An introduction to the challenges and benefits of text-only therapy with CYP. 

After a year in which many therapists were forced online due to Covid 19, ‘online’ has often been used synonymously with ‘video’.  

There are distinct skills necessary for expanding our online practice into text-only therapy but there are very real rewards for clients and therapists alike when broadening our practice in this field. 

Senior Professional Member of ACTO. BACP Senior Accredited Psychotherapist & Supervisor. I specialise in working with CYP and with transcultural issues. With family spread around the Middle East and Africa, over the years I have valued the growth in online methods of communication on a personal and professional level. These days I particularly enjoy working in private practice where clients can choose how long they wish to attend therapy. However, having previously managed Third Sector CYP and Crisis services, I am also very much aware of the challenges of working short term. I supervise therapists working in education, Third Sector agencies and private practice in the UK and internationally. 

Over the last year in various levels of lockdown my passion for running has been a valuable source of self-care, but I have also discovered I have an unenviable lack of skill for Just Dance routines!
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