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Victoria Sharman

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Victoria Sharman
Additional Information
Membership Number: 315

Supporting therapist through Individual and Group session and peer sessions.

Supervisors Information
Online Supervision Qualification:

Diploma in online psychotherapy

Code of Ethics adhered to Supervisors:


Experience of supervising online:

Online supervision is an integral part of my face to face and online supervisory relationship and alliance.
I have many years experience of receiving and providing supervision on an individual and group/peer work including live supervision which I have now transform to my online work.

Supervision model I mainly use:

I trained in an integrated model of supervision in individual and group work. My supervisory framework addresses the relationship between supervisor and supervisee and attends to cultural, ethical, gender and clinical issues for online work. I also incorporate the task of learning (formative), ethics/standards (normative) replenishment (restorative). For structure and process the idea of the Russian frogs or dolls provide a useful management tool for contracting, agreement and reflections.

What media do you work with?:

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