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Sarah Worley-James

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Sarah Worley-James
Additional Information
Membership Number: 175

I believe that it is vital to be supervised in the medium through which you are working, so that I, as your supervisor, can get a real sense of how you work and communicate in that medium. From my own experiences I value the importance of creating a supportive space that is challenging, in a way that encourages you to consider your practice from different perspectives, explore new ways of working, and develop your practice confidently.

Flexibility and openness are key aspects of my supervision style; for example, if you are predominantly working via email, we will use that medium for your supervision. If the following month your work has mainly been via IM, that is how we will meet for that session.

I see the first session as an opportunity for you to get to know me and my supervision style, and to judge whether you feel comfortable working with me. 

Supervisors Information
Online Supervision Qualification:

OCST Certificate in Online Supervision 2015

Supervision Special Interests:

Loss and bereavement
Trauma and abuse

Professional Memberships Bodies Supervisors:

BACP Senior Accredited member 554207

Code of Ethics adhered to Supervisors:

BACP Ethical Framework Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions Supplementary Guidance Working Online guideline (2015)

Experience of supervising online:

I began online supervision of after completing my online supervision training in 2015. This built on a previous experience of 12 years face to face supervision of trainee and qualified counsellors.

Supervision model I mainly use:

The two key models that underpin my practice are Robin Shohet and Peter Hawkins Double Matrix or Seven Eyed Model; and Inskipp and Proctor’s functions, or tasks, of supervision.

Understanding of the double matrix model brings into focus my awareness of the multiple relationships present in the supervision process; between the supervisee and their client, supervisor and supervisee, counsellor and the agency, and supervisor and agency.

Combined with this awareness I am mindful of supporting the supervisee in all areas of their practice; formative (help guide and encourage you to learn, and develop your own style and approach to online counselling), normative (managerial aspects including understanding and adhering to ethical procedures and policies).and restorative (supporting you with any personal impacts of your client work); with the addition of creating a safe space where you can view your therapeutic relationships from fresh perspectives.

What media do you work with?:

Text messenger

Supervisor Fees:

£60 for one hour
£75 for an hour and a half

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