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Therapists Information
Therapist Member Level:
  • Level 3
Additional Information

Therapist, coach and supervisor working via video, phone/VoIP, live chat/IM or email as well as f2f and blended.

Discounted fees available for trainee therapists undertaking personal therapy hours towards their core training or whilst training to work online and also for trainee supervisors, or supervisors training to work online.

Supervisors Information
Online Supervision Qualification:

Diploma in Online Therapeutic Supervision, CPCAB, 2018.

Supervisor Member Level:
  • Level 3
Face To Face Supervisor Training:

Included in Diploma in Online Therapeutic Supervision, CPCAB, 2018.

Professional Memberships Bodies Supervisors:


Code of Ethics adhered to Supervisors:


Description of my online supervision service: Therapist and Supervisor. Supervision of counselling and/or coaching, 1:1 or in groups, of work undertaken with clients online and/or face-to-face..
Experience of supervising online:

Private Practice and low cost local counselling service
1:1 and groups
Trainee therapists and qualified
Supervisory supervision

Supervision model I mainly use:

My favoured supervision model is Inskipp and Proctor’s normative, formative and restorative functions/processes – because it’s so simple and encompasses all the areas that I think are important:
• Formative/Educative is about developing the skills, understanding and abilities of the supervisee.
• Managerial / Normative provides the quality control of the work with clients and derives from the supervisor’s managerial and ethical responsibilities to ensure the client’s welfare.
• Supportive/Restorative is a way of responding to supervisees who have themselves become affected by the distress, pain and fragmentation of the clients.
During our work these aspects will all feature – but not always to the same degree, as we will tailor what we do and how we do it according to your personal needs, the priorities of the day and your clients.

Other models I am conversant with:

Page & Wosket Cyclical model
The seven-eyed model
Developmental and integrative models such as:
Novice, Apprentice, Journeyperson, Master craftsperson
the four stages of development:
Level 1: Self-centred
Level 2: Client-centred
Level 3: Process-centred
Level 4: Process-in-context-centred
Proctor's Typology for supervision groups.

What media do you work with?:

Video, phone/VoIP, live chat/IM or email - or a blend of these.

Supervisor Fees:

£60 per hour
Discount available for:
• Trainee therapists requiring supervision for their clinical placement hours
• Trainee supervisors/online supervisors requiring supervisory supervision of their clinical hours
Maximum four members per group
£30 pp per session for 90m mins
£40 pp per session for 2 hrs

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