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Maryam Best

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Maryam February 2015
Additional Information
Membership Number: 144

Working online is a wonderful way of working with people all around the world. The beauty of it is that you can choose when and where you'd like to connect by confidential email exchanges or live video - It could be your home, the beach, a favourite cafe, the bus or train, the car; it could be 4 in the morning or a lunch break - possibilities are endless.

Online, we can explore what is happening in your life and in you, so over time you can make sense of it all and move forward. My role is to explore with you and provide the support and safe space that you need in order to do this.

We could either take it one session at a time, or agree on several. It really depends on what works best for you. As a general rule, counselling / psychotherapy works best long-term. But one size does not fit all.

Everything that you share with me is treated respectfully and confidentially.


Confidentiality is central to the functioning of my work. I will not disclose any identifying information about you to others unless we both agree that it is helpful, or unless refusal to disclose is against UK law.


1- We provisionally agree on a date / time and you choose where you'd like to connect. A couple of tips: make sure you are comfortable and not over-heard, and you have a good internet connection.

2- You download free from the internet. This is an encrypted platform for our live conversations.

3- You pay your fee at least 48 hours before the agreed date. Once your payment has gone through, the date is confirmed.

4- On the agreed day / time, we meet online for up to 50 minutes per session.


1- We provisionally agree on a date.

2- You pay your fee at least 48 hours before the agreed date. Once your payment has gone through, the date is confirmed.

3- I will send you a blank password-protected document to use. You send me your confidential comments and thoughts in this doc at least 24 hours before the agreed date. ALTERNATIVELY, you can download free where we don't need any passwords for emails or attachments.

4- On our agreed day I commit one hour (10 minutes more than a face to face session) to carefully read and respond to your confidential attachment.


I am ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) registered and comply with the UK Data Protection Act.You have the right to access any records that are kept about you. An exception would be information about or from a third party.


Therapists Information
Counselling / therapy models / approaches:

Integrative: psychodynamic and systemic models

Special Interests:

Confusion, Depression, Anxiety, Relationships, Identity, Self esteem, Illness, Young people (over 18), Education, Ageing, Trauma, Loss, Ethnicity, Ability, Gender.

Face to face training:

MA, Psychotherapy (Integrative): University of East London / Relate: September 2005 – awarded March 2007

PG Dip, Psychotherapy (Integrative. BACP accredited): University of Hull / Relate: September 2002 – August 2003 (Rugby). University of East London / Relate: September 2004 – awarded August 2005 (London)

CC RELATE Couple Counselling Training: Herbert Gray College (residential courses): 1994 – awarded 1997

Advanced Certificate in Counselling Studies: University of Leicester: 1993 – awarded 1997

Online training:

Certificate in Online Counselling Skills: OLT 2009 (10 weeks, 100 hours)

Professional organisation memberships :

BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy):
o Accredited member: 00518874.
PSA (Professional Standards Authority):
o Registration number: 7877.
ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office):
o Registration reference: ZA251123
ACTO (Association of Counselling and Therapy Online):
o membership number: 144
Professional Indemnity Insurance:
o Holistic Insurance Services. Membership number: HIS55371

Code of Ethics adhered to:


Description of my therapy services: You can connect with me any time. for therapy via email, we can set up sessions either by encrypted Word attachments via email or use to exchange encrypted emails and attachments. For Live Video sessions, we can agree to meet confidentially on You can download this free.Please ask for further details.
Experience of working online:

Since 2009, I have been working via email and live video with university students, couples, company employees and independent individuals in UK and all over the world. Countries to date include France, Spain, Greece, Thailand, The Netherlands, Germany, Russia.


Live video:
Email: or encrypted Word attachments


• Individuals: £40.00 for face to face / live video / email.

• Couples: £50 for face to face / live video.
Email: £100 = for each 2 hour joint session

Supervisors Information
Online Supervision Qualification:

Having obtained my online skills qualification as a therapist at Online Counsellors Ltd. and acquired extensive experience of working with qualified online practitioners, supervisors and trainers, I have chosen to not pursue additional online qualifications at present.

Supervision Special Interests:

I am qualified to supervise professionals of all types who work with people in the areas of therapy and mental health. These especially include counsellors, psychotherapists, supervisors and supervising consultants. I have also worked (and continue to do so) with trainers, mental health workers, social workers, domestic abuse workers and managers. My experience spans over two decades.

Face To Face Supervisor Training:

Relate, Herbert Gray College: September 2000 – awarded August 2001

De Montfort University: Psychodynamic Supervision Part one. Residential, 24 contact hours. Awarded 1997

Professional Memberships Bodies Supervisors:

BACP: 518874.
ACTO: 144

Code of Ethics adhered to Supervisors:


Description of my online supervision service: You can connect with me either by encrypted Word attachments via email or use to exchange encrypted emails and attachments. Please ask for further details.
Experience of supervising online:

I love working world-wide with other professionals.
I have offered Email supervision since 2000, and Live Video / voice only since 2009.

Supervision model I mainly use:

My work is informed by psychodynamic and systemic models, but the supervision/consultation skills I offer are generic and can be adapted to most helping professions.
In 2005-6, as a masters student I researched the Relate Supervisors' work with counsellors who supported clients impacted by domestic abuse. This work was delivered as a presentation at the BACP research conference in London in 2011.

Other models I am conversant with:

I am conversant with most humanistic as well as analytic models.

What media do you work with?:

Email, Live Video and voice only.

Supervisor Fees:

£40 per hour: Email exchanges
£45 per hour: Live Video
£45 per hour: Voice Only

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