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Dr Kate Thompson

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Additional Information
Membership Number: 407

Starting to work online as a therapist can be quite a daunting experience, but specialist supervision relating both to process and technical aspects of this new arena of work can be hugely helpful.  There is something thrilling in expanding your skills as a therapist, even as this can require thinking about so that you proceed with appropriate caution.

I have worked as a face to face supervisor for both qualified and trainee psychologists, psychotherapists and counsellors, in both the NHS and voluntary sector settings, as well as offering supervision privately.

My background is as a secondary care psychologist in the NHS so I understand the particular settings in which psychological therapists work  (having been one myself for more than two decades) as well as the pressures and challenges of this work, particularly in this period of austerity. My own specialism was working on a specialist project for refugees and asylum seekers, which involved a lot of complex trauma work as well as support with rebuilding and restarting life after a major existential change. I relish working cross culturally, and have specialised in thinking about the impact of using interpreters in therapy, or working in second (or third) languages and how this can be supported (or not) by institutions and managers, creating systemic challenges for individual therapists.

I am also really interested in how people manage challenges at work, and enjoy supervising individuals working in occupational health settings or for employee assistance programmes (EAPs).

I am a relate trained couple counsellor, and have offered couple work face to face for many years, more recently seeking to expand my own therapeutic work with couples online. This is an area of expanding interest for me, and one in which I would be happy to learn together with supervisees seeking to develop practice in this area

Therapists Information
Special Interests:


Code of Ethics adhered to:


Supervisors Information
Online Supervision Qualification:

Diploma in Online Supervision with the Academy for Online Counselling & Psychotherapy (due to complete August 2020).

Face To Face Supervisor Training:

Current Member of the British Psychological Society Register of Applied Practice Psychology Supervisors (RAPPs).

Professional Memberships Bodies Supervisors:

HCPC registered Counselling Psychologist
British Psychological Society Chartered Psychologist
British Psychological Society Register of Applied Psychology Practice Supervisors (RAPPS)

Code of Ethics adhered to Supervisors:

British Psychological Society: Code of Ethics and Conduct (2009 -
and practice guidelines (2017 -

ACTO: Professional Conduct and Code of Ethics (

Experience of supervising online:

Currently completing specific training in online supervision.
Six ongoing supervisees working from a variety of therapeutic approaches and using video, audio and live chat modalities.

Some experience of email supervision both of peers and of one supervisee.

Supervision model I mainly use:

I favour reflective models of supervision and draw a lot from the approach of Hawkins and Shohet (2012 - The 7 eyed model of supervision) and Inskipp and Proctor (1993 - the Supervision Alliance Model). These provide a starting point for viewing the ways we work online and expanding approaches to better meet remote challenges.

I am also very interested by the use of creative ways to go deeper in supervision work, and enjoy working with supervisees to broaden our joint perspective using focusing/mindfulness, imaginal work, role play, art based methods or specific exercises to formulate and better understand the client.

What media do you work with?:

I have used video for supervision with a number of supervisees, both latterly while training in online supervision and prior to this when working as an NHS supervisor.

I have experience in using audio and live chat for supervision with a small number of supervisees.

I have some limited experience of using email for supervision, but like it as a medium as it offers more time for reflection. I have supervised one peer and one supervisee using this medium.

Supervisor Fees:

I charge similarly for both therapy and supervision: £75 self funding. I charge a slightly higher rate if working for an organisation or insurance company

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