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Dalila Bellometti

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Additional Information
Membership Number: 339

My online supervision service is based on a good and safe supervisory relationship. To me, this is the core condition of an effective and restorative online supervision. I would offer an open space where you freely take what you need from an online supervision.

Supervisors Information
Online Supervision Qualification:

2017/18 OLT Ltd. Diploma in Online Therapeutic Supervision

Supervision Special Interests:

My special interests are about counselling young people, mainly about sexuality issues, LGBTIQA related matters, intercultural counselling, art and creativity, and a walking counselling which I would improve in my f2f practice.
As a supervisor my interest in in online cultural supervision and about the online supervisory relationship, art and creativity as well regarding the supervisory setting.

Professional Memberships Bodies Supervisors:

CNPC italy, EAC Ordinary member, ACTO 339

Code of Ethics adhered to Supervisors:


Experience of supervising online:

My experience is based on the attended course and some online supervisees in Europe.

Supervision model I mainly use:

My personal model in online supervision is The equilateral triangle, where the client, the counsellor and the supervisor are are at the same level, there is a balance. It is based on the 7 Eyes model by Hawkins and Shohet, the Cyclal Model by Page and Wosket.

Other models I am conversant with:

the narrative approach, expressive and creative approaches, the focused model, the Systemic Model, the Developmental model and some psychoanalitic approaches to supervision.

What media do you work with?:

Text messenger

Supervisor Fees:

As for the counselling work, my suggestion is to start with 4 sessions for understanding if we can positively work together, or in a group. After a review of your needs from supervision and the online supervision contract, you can start with a short pack as said above, the fee for each one is 45 Euro, but for the first pack it is 150 euro. I can get in touch to some special needs.

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