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Myira Khan

Membership Number: 239
Online supervision via email, video, instant messaging or telephone.

Rakhi Chand

Membership Number: 262
Face To Face Supervisor Training:

Counselling Xtra Supervision Diploma (2016)
Counselling Xtra Supervision Certificate (2014)

Description of my online supervision service: Please see the 'Supervision' page on my site:
I'm interested in developing a collegial relationship with supervisees, where we are each an expert. I'm aiming to create a respectful environment where you could talk freely about and learn from your difficulties and triumphs. This way of working is informed by my training, and my own experience in supervision of not being judged but rather helped by my supervisor to examine experiences for the continual - and optimal - improvement of my practice. I've worked as a therapist for nearly ten years; and as a supervisor since 2014. I love both.  

Jane Major

Membership Number: 323
I offer online supervision and consultancy to individual therapists, counsellors and psychologists.

Victoria Sharman

Membership Number: 315
Supporting therapist through Individual and Group session and peer sessions.

Jo Ounstead

Membership Number: 299
I am a qualified Online Supervisor and take an integrative approach to supervision.  My practice is underpinned in the Person Centred Approach and I specialise in Psychosexual Therapy.  I supervise counsellors who work online and F2F with individual adults and couples.  I offer support on professional issues (the 'norms' of our profession, ethical and legal issues), education and professional experience, and a reflective approach on the effects of the counselling work on my supervisees (eg. personal issues, workload, time management, stress).

Pat Spink

Membership Number: 311
Supervision of counselling, coaching or coaching and counselling combined. May also include personal and/or business coaching and development. I supervise client work undertaken via video (including video supervision of f2f work), phone/VoIP, live chat and email. 1:1 supervision can be via video, phone/VoIP, live chat and email - or a blend of these. With groups it's usually via video although occasional opportunity can be provided, with the agreement of other group members, to use other media. I have a new online supervision group starting early 2019 for which spaces are still available: 2nd Monday monthly,15.00-16.30 UK time Starts Monday 14th January 2019, £30 per session. 

Philippa Weitz

Membership Number: 217
Since qualifying as an online supervisor I have been supervising supervisees who are working all over the world, which means that I am thinking all the time about international and jurisdiction issues, which of course are not always easy to be clear about. I provide supervision both to individuals and to groups. If you are looking for an online supervisor I would encourage you to just book one session with me first to see if you like the way I work.

Lalage Harries

Membership Number: 272
Face To Face Supervisor Training:
Description of my online supervision service:
I offer individual and group clinical supervision via synchronous live video and chat and asynchronously via encrypted email. I am an Integratively trained therapist and supervisor. I work with therapists across a range of modalities and have experience supporting a wide range of client work. I have particular interest in supervising therapeutic work with: • Adolescents and young adults • Online therapy • Bereavement • Trauma, abuse and client groups with ongoing risk factors • Clients presenting with challenging behaviour • International and culturally complex work, including work with refugees and unaccompanied]asylum seeking young people As well as all general private practice work. 

Dr Karen Williams

Membership Number: 412
Hello, I’m Karen. I offer a safe and respectful space where you can reflect on your practice in a flexible way that meets your personal and professional needs. I tailor supervision to your particular needs and we can reflect together on what underpins your practice dilemmas and decisions. I always approach your supervision agenda with respect and compassion for what is important to you to bring to the sessions. I offer supervision via video, phone, and instant messaging to qualified therapists, counsellors and psychologists who are working with clients aged 18 and over.

Olivia Djouadi

Membership Number: 275
I can work with you either monthly or bimonthly as an online supervisor. I use a combination of Hawkins/Shohet model and a creative model. I am open to working with other models as I am familiar with a number.

Jane Evans

The online supervision training I provide via OCST adds to the variation in supervision models which I am familiar with and which I support students in adapting to an online medium.

Michael Bizley

Membership Number: 152
I currently offer an online counselling supervision. This is worked to the needs of the Supervisee and I work with trainees and experienced counsellors. Currently I am able to offer this via webcam or instant text. I am a fully qualified and accredited Supervisor with the National Counselling Society and am an experienced online counsellor .