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Michael Bizley

Membership Number: 152
As an individual and group supervisor I work to the needs of each Supervisee , working with both trainee and fully qualified therapists. My aim within supervision is to create a space in which both client work and the needs of the therapist can be explored and focused upon. I envisage it to be a real learning experience and one that is supportive and educational. I am a fully qualified face to face supervisor both for individuals and groups but am also qualified as an online supervisor and therapist. I work with therapists from a cross range of modalities and have experience of supporting a wide range of client work. My specific interests are Adolescent and Young People, LGBTQ issues and HIV. I am aware that choosing a Supervisor is just as important as a client choosing a therapist so I would encourage you to ask any questions that would make this choice more comfortable. I currently offer online supervision via email, video, audio and live chat.

Dr Kate Thompson

Membership Number: 407
Starting to work online as a therapist can be quite a daunting experience, but specialist supervision relating both to process and technical aspects of this new arena of work can be hugely helpful.  There is something thrilling in expanding your skills as a therapist, even as this can require thinking about so that you proceed with appropriate caution. I have worked as a face to face supervisor for both qualified and trainee psychologists, psychotherapists and counsellors, in both the NHS and voluntary sector settings, as well as offering supervision privately. My background is as a secondary care psychologist in the NHS so I understand the particular settings in which psychological therapists work  (having been one myself for more than two decades) as well as the pressures and challenges of this work, particularly in this period of austerity. My own specialism was working on a specialist project for refugees and asylum seekers, which involved a lot of complex trauma work as well as support with rebuilding and restarting life after a major existential change. I relish working cross culturally, and have specialised in thinking about the impact of using interpreters in therapy, or working in second (or third) languages and how this can be supported (or not) by institutions and managers, creating systemic challenges for individual therapists. I am also really interested in how people manage challenges at work, and enjoy supervising individuals working in occupational health settings or for employee assistance programmes (EAPs). I am a relate trained couple counsellor, and have offered couple work face to face for many years, more recently seeking to expand my own therapeutic work with couples online. This is an area of expanding interest for me, and one in which I would be happy to learn together with supervisees seeking to develop practice in this area

Mari Green

Membership Number: 179
As BACP Senior Accredited Supervisor, I offer my experience of therapy and supervision to help my supervisee to feel safe enough to explore the possible transference, counter transference and parallel process to keep both themselves and the client safe

Jan Stiff

Membership Number: 211
Hello - I work with supervisees in a relational way acknowledging a trusting relationship between myself and the supervisee is key to successful supervision -My specialism is in childhood bereavement and supervising online CYP counsellors within organisations. For further information about my online and supervisory work visit my blog (I aim to be flexible with times I offer -During the week, early evenings and in some instances, during the weekends) 

Patricia Morris

Membership Number: 432
Contact information :- Protonmail : Website : I offer individual and group supervision services to qualified and trainee counsellors and psychotherapists, within flexible hours. I have enjoyed supervising trainee and qualified counsellors and psychotherapists for 27 years. BACP accreditation as a counselling supervisor in 2002 was followed by senior accreditation as a supervisor in 2007. I completed the OCST Diploma in Online Supervision with distinction. I have been influenced by the Hawkins and Shohet integrative process model "Seven Eyed model of Supervision" Key elements of my practice are : * Fostering a safe reflective environment within which development can take place. Trainees and qualified therapists will arrive at different stages of development and my approach and interventions will reflect this. * Offering a blend of support, challenge, and confidence building, and modelling good practice. * Working collaboratively and reflectively with supervisees towards greater understanding, exploring client material, the supervisees own feelings, the impact of any host agency, and where appropriate identifying parallel process, blind spots, and ways forward. * Providing a non judgemental, positive, reflective environment, where challenge is experienced as a benefit, and the acceptance of difference is valued. * Recognising the working relationship as a learning tool in both supervision and the therapy with your client. * As a supervisor I offer containment, an arena where balance and steadiness can be regained, and the containment taken forward into the therapy room. * I adapt my emphasis to serve the supervisees theoretical approach. Individual supervision is offered via secure platforms : Protonmail / VSee, Zoom or Signal - Video or IM / FaceTime / or by dedicated telephone line. Group supervision is offered via VSee or Zoom - Video or IM. Supervision can be one to one, paired, or groups of 3 or 4. Larger groups are also available. BACP state : “If you receive group supervision, the amount of time you can [...]

Pat Spink

Membership Number: 311
Description of my online supervision service: Supervision of counselling and/or coaching or supervision, 1:1 or in groups, of work undertaken with clients and supervisees online, face-to-face or blended.

May also include professional development and/or practice development as required.

I supervise client work or supervision undertaken via video (including video supervision of f2f work), phone/VoIP, live chat and email.

1:1 supervision can be via video, phone/VoIP, live chat and email – or a blend of these.

With groups it’s usually via video although occasional opportunity can be provided, with the agreement of other group members, to use other media.

Discount available for supervision of supervision for supervisors in training and qualified supervisors training to work online.

Bob Froud

Membership Number: 591
BACP (Snr. Accred.) Integrative Clinicial Supervisor,  EMDR (Europe) Clinical Supervisor/Consultant

Gabriella Clarke

Membership Number: 421
As your supervisor, I will support you in your development as a therapist and when necessary guide and encourage you. I want to you to feel safe to explore anything that may be troubling you in relation to your work so the supervisory alliance is at the heart of our working arrangement. I can meet with you via video call, instant message, telephone or by email. Email supervision is no less time consuming than the other methods but allows a lot more space for reflection. I use a range of supervision models in my supervisory work so if you have a preference please let me know. In advance of starting supervision, I will need to know the code of ethics you abide by and see a copy of your insurance. If you have any questions please get in touch.