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Mari Green

Membership Number: 179
As BACP Senior Accredited Supervisor, I offer my experience of therapy and supervision to help my supervisee to feel safe enough to explore the possible transference, counter transference and parallel process to keep both themselves and the client safe

Lalage Harries

Membership Number: 272
Description of my online supervision service:
I offer individual and group clinical supervision via synchronous live video and chat and asynchronously via encrypted email. I am an Integratively trained therapist and supervisor. I work with therapists across a range of modalities and have experience supporting a wide range of client work. I have particular interest in supervising therapeutic work with: • Adolescents and young adults • Online therapy • Bereavement • Trauma, abuse and client groups with ongoing risk factors • Clients presenting with challenging behaviour • International and culturally complex work, including work with refugees and unaccompanied]asylum seeking young people As well as all general private practice work. 

Julie Cole

Membership Number: 616
Description of my online supervision service: A collaborative and supportive space for you to present challenges and successes.

Collaborative and supportive, whilst challenging and enlightening.

Simon Hawkins

Membership Number: 282
My Supervision Practice is an Integration of several different models; which include Hawkins & Shohet’s' 7 eyed model, Page & Woskets' Cyclical model, Inskipp and Proctors' functional model as well as Carrols' 7 generic tasks of supervision. I describe myself as a collaborative relational supervisor, and believe we will get the best outcomes when we work together. I work face to face, online, facilitate group supervision and offer supervision within organisations. As an Integrative therapist myself, I am comfortable working with supervisees' from a wide range of theoretical backgrounds. As well as specific training in Counselling & Psychotherapy Supervision, I have also received further Clinical Supervision training which enables me to offer supervision to different therapeutic groups. This training is the only one approved by the British Psychological Society (BPS), and meets the standards required to confer eligibility to the BPS Register of Applied Psychology Practice Supervisors (RAPPS). As well as a counsellor and psychotherapist, I am also a life coach and hypnotherapist. So I am also able to offer supervision to practitioners of these fields also. I offer telephone, instant messaging or live video chat for supervision sessions 

Dr Mike Gallant

Membership Number: 464
Cognitive Behavioural, Integrative and Person-Centred Experiential Supervisor

DeeAnna Merz Nagel

Membership Number: 650
Description of my online supervision service: I offer one-off consultation; ongoing supervision is considered on a case by case basis.
I have been providing clinical supervision since 2001 and online field and clinical supervision since 2006. In the early days, supervision was delivered in a hybrid fashion- both online and in-person individually and in groups via email, chat and telephone. Now I also conduct consultation/supervision/counsellor education via audio/video platforms. I am available for one-off consultations regarding online therapy and supervision. Ongoing supervision will be considered on a case-by-case basis so as to address crossing borders and jurisdictional responsibilities since I am located in the United States. I also teach clinical supervision and online clinical supervision courses, certificates and certifications through Online Therapy Institute.

Dr Kate Thompson

Membership Number: 407
Starting to work online as a therapist can be quite a daunting experience, but specialist supervision relating both to process and technical aspects of this new arena of work can be hugely helpful.  There is something thrilling in expanding your skills as a therapist, even as this can require thinking about so that you proceed with appropriate caution. I have worked as a face to face supervisor for both qualified and trainee psychologists, psychotherapists and counsellors, in both the NHS and voluntary sector settings, as well as offering supervision privately. My background is as a secondary care psychologist in the NHS so I understand the particular settings in which psychological therapists work  (having been one myself for more than two decades) as well as the pressures and challenges of this work, particularly in this period of austerity. My own specialism was working on a specialist project for refugees and asylum seekers, which involved a lot of complex trauma work as well as support with rebuilding and restarting life after a major existential change. I relish working cross culturally, and have specialised in thinking about the impact of using interpreters in therapy, or working in second (or third) languages and how this can be supported (or not) by institutions and managers, creating systemic challenges for individual therapists. I am also really interested in how people manage challenges at work, and enjoy supervising individuals working in occupational health settings or for employee assistance programmes (EAPs). I am a relate trained couple counsellor, and have offered couple work face to face for many years, more recently seeking to expand my own therapeutic work with couples online. This is an area of expanding interest for me, and one in which I would be happy to learn together with supervisees seeking to develop practice in this area

Susan Utting-Simon

Membership Number: 317
Description of my online supervision service: I have experience in offering supervision using video, text messenger and email exchange. I can offer a combination of these methods of communicating if you are unsure which would suit you best, or if your needs change.
My core training is person-centred. I provide supervision for trainees and qualified supervisees, in groups and individually, in a wide variety of settings including Private Practice, Schools (UK & International), Voluntary sector counselling agencies, Mental Health Crisis Services, Hospices and Welfare Rights. I have extensive experience of working with CYP and with transcultural issues, and a particular interest in working with supervisees/clients in the Middle East, Far East and Africa. My current supervisees are involved in delivery of, or line management of staff, in the professions of counselling, psychotherapy, play therapy, psychology, pre-and post-bereavement care, and advice work.  

Philippa Weitz

Membership Number: 217
Since qualifying as an online supervisor I have been supervising supervisees who are working all over the world, which means that I am thinking all the time about international and jurisdiction issues, which of course are not always easy to be clear about. I provide supervision both to individuals and to groups. If you are looking for an online supervisor I would encourage you to just book one session with me first to see if you like the way I work.

Sally Evans

Membership Number: 240
Description of my online supervision service: I offer a relational approach to clinical supervision believing the supervisory relationship to be crucial and at the heart of the work we do.
Hello and Welcome I am a qualified clinical supervisor having completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Counselling Supervision from Chester University and have a specialism is supervising practitioners working with Children and Young People. I am a Transactional Analyst and UKCP registered psychotherapist together with being a Certified Cyber Therapist & Certified Cyber Supervisor OTI). I offer individual and group clinical supervision to counsellors and therapists working from a wide varieties of settings - private, non statutory and statutory organisations. I was the Clinical Lead for for a number of years and in this capacity presented at OCTIA, UKCP and BACP conferences on working with Children and Young People. I am therefore particularly experienced in working with counsellors and therapist who work with children and young people both face-to-face and those as a distance. I have had articles published articles on working with children and young people and one article entitled "Let's Play: the improvisation of possibility in online supervision" in Ann Stokes (Ed.), Psychotherapy 2.0 series, Online Supervision: A Handbook for Practitioners (pp.90-94). London: Routledge I was a member of the BACP Expert Reference Group which drew up the E-Counseling and Telephone Competencies.  

Lorraine Cookson

Membership Number: 435
I have worked for over a year with online supervisees and find this way of working really ideal for supervision as you can find a supervisor that fits your needs even if the location isn't otherwise ideal.

Michael Bizley

Membership Number: 152
As an individual and group supervisor I work to the needs of each Supervisee , working with both trainee and fully qualified therapists. My aim within supervision is to create a space in which both client work and the needs of the therapist can be explored and focused upon. I envisage it to be a real learning experience and one that is supportive and educational. I am a fully qualified face to face supervisor both for individuals and groups but am also qualified as an online supervisor and therapist. I work with therapists from a cross range of modalities and have experience of supporting a wide range of client work. My specific interests are Adolescent and Young People, LGBTQ issues and HIV. I am aware that choosing a Supervisor is just as important as a client choosing a therapist so I would encourage you to ask any questions that would make this choice more comfortable. I currently offer online supervision via email, video, audio and live chat.