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Social Media Director’s report

Annual Social media report 2019.


On average over the past 12 months ACTO tweets has had around 6.3 K impressions and engagement has been 3.5% on average as well.

The impressions have gone up most months and keeps going up. This is the latest 28 days summary.


ACTO’s posts are reaching more people on Facebook and also more people are commenting.

Please see below picture in regards to Facebook.



ACTO Instagram posts are slowly growing and reaching more people as well. There is usually about 3-8 likes on the posts and comments as well.



ACTO have a LinkedIn profile now and we are slowly but surely building the profile on LinkedIn.

Overall social media accounts

Overall ACTO is working on building the social media profile of ACTO, it’s members and all the benefits of being a member of ACTO.

We aim to increase the numbers of each social media account and continue to grow as ACTO grows as an association.