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Retired Membership

 Applying for ACTO Retired Membership 

We warmly welcome members for this section from our retired Professional Members. The Retired Membership Section is covered within 24.5 of The Constitution. The aim of the retired members section is to provide continuity between the history of our online profession, the present and the future and to ensure a vibrant community of online therapists, past and present. We recognize that our former members have been at the forefront of the development of online therapy and that to lose this wisdom, knowledge and experience would be a shame. 

  • This section is open to all those who have been full Professional Members of ACTO for at least three years and is a recognition of their service to online therapy.  
  • Retired members are not required to have professional liability insurance and will not be practicing
  • A retired member is NOT eligible to go on the ACTO register of online therapists. We will list our retired members on a separate list, as part of demonstrating the resources available. In your website entry we will include the information you include within your application form. 
  • A retired member is not eligible to become an Acto Company Director but may be co-opted for specific projects and services. 
  • Retired members will have access to the Online Library and Forums. 
  • The fee for Retired Members is £10.00 per year, commencing in April 2017. Retired Members joining in the middle of the financial year will be charged pro rata. The Directors reserve the right to increase or reduce the fees as required. 

You'll find fuller details in the Information for Retired Member Applicants download to the right, along with the application form. If you have any queries please email our admin.