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Research Student Membership

We are very keen to engage with a conversation between researchers, including student researchers, and therapists for the good of the online profession, both in the private, NHS and third sectors. 

To this end the ACTO Research Network actively seeks researchers, and student researchers, from all backgrounds, not just those who have a mental health training, so that this aim can be furthered. 

If you can answer yes to all of the following, you are eligible to apply for ACTO Student Research membership with the use of the title ‘ACTO Student Research Member’

  • Are you currently involved in at least one project related to working therapeutically online? This could include the development of apps, AI, VR, platforms, as well as the therapeutically aspects and research. 
  • Has your project been granted ethical approval by your organization? Or is it in the process of applying for this? 

You'll find fuller details in the Information for Research Student Member Applicants download to the right, along with the application form. If you have any queries please email our admin.