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A New Benefit for ACTO Members


Privacy 4 Therapists


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Privacy4 is offering Members 60% off the sign-up fee until 31 December 2019,  (after this it drops to 45%)

Members can use the Privacy4 Logos on their correspondence, marketing and websites, once they achieve each level (there are different badges for each level)

CPD is contained within the standard members area, along with free monthly downloads and Policy templates.

Why join?

It has never been more important to protect all the Data you create, store and share.  Accidental and deliberate loss of this information can be severely damaging to your reputation and your Practice, so we need to do more to protect ourselves. But where do you start?

Start with the end in mind.

You want to be secure, so you need to start with that desire.  Here are a few helpful tips to protect yourself.

1.Identify who is responsible for Cyber security and Data Protection

2.Write out a Security Policy which states your commitment to Cyber Security

3.Make a list of the kind of ‘Data’ you own (Financial; Name, Address, Bank Account)

You need some tools

Privacy4 are proud to support the ‘Global Cyber Alliance’, which aims to improve Cyber security across the globe, starting with small enterprises like yours.

The GCA Cybersecurity Toolkit is an online resource that includes a wealth of free and effective tools businesses can start using right now, today, to make an immediate impact on reducing cyber risk.

Use the GCA Cybersecurity Toolkit to assess your security posture, implement free tools, and find practical tips and free resources and guides that will help improve your company’s cybersecurity readiness and response.

What does it cost?

For ACTO Members, 60% off the sign-up fee until 31 December 2019,  (after this it drops to 45%)

These tools are completely free, but worth over £1,000.  Throughout the standard, Privacy4 utilise these tools and help you understand how to use them.

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