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Pip Weitz

Presenter: Pip Weitz
Title: Coming Together; Building the Future

Online supervision has come into its own over the last few years and especially since the beginning of the pandemic. ACTO and BACP recommend that you have some online supervision in the format that you are delivering the therapy. I found that there is so little written around online supervision and yet it is the guiding light within online therapy and without it we risk flailing around in the dark and ultimately potentially failing our client. 

But online supervision is just so exciting and I particularly enjoy online supervision groups. In my presentation I will cover my six dimensions model of online supervision and how pivotal online supervision is both for the care of our online clients but also for the robustness of the online profession and will situate this model within some of the key themes that come up within online supervision including working internationally and risk management. 

I love working as an online therapist and online supervisor!  

I quickly learned that working online was far more than just turning on a webcam: it is a whole new way of working with opens access to many groups of clients who had been unable to access therapy before.  

It requires a complete rethink about the therapeutic alliance and how we work with clients. With the advent of high performing digital tools and apps online therapy becomes exciting and creative with a far more equal partnership between therapist and client and using the format the client prefers whether this be video, audio, text-based live chat, email, or avatar, or a combination. Of course, neither online therapy nor online supervision are without their challenges, and these, need to be addressed through training, which I have through an ACTO online training provider. 

I am a qualified and experienced as an online therapist, online supervisor, and virtual reality therapy facilitator using avatars. I am registered as an ACTO Level 3 Senior Professional Member with the Association for Counselling and Therapy Online and am its Vice Chair. I am also a registered member of the BACP. 

Apart from my online therapy and supervision work, I am Principal of The Academy for Online Therapy.
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