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ACTO is one of ORCHA's partners, the world’s only comparison site of health and care apps. Both ORCHA, Private Practice Hub (which is part of this partnership) and ACTO are all equally passionate about helping people and professionals to find and compare health apps against a range of criteria including data security, clinical safety, and usability.

On your behalf, ORCHA review more apps than anyone else, checking against more than 140 criteria and have created over 60 locally targeted app libraries which drive user and professional uptake of the best apps on the market. Up until now, ORCHA has published the results of all reviews on their sites, highlighting how an app rates against these criteria, giving an overall score, and providing the review details behind this.

ORCHA has now added a really useful feature as a result of feedback from clinical and medical professionals aiming to make even easier access to the best health apps on the market.

So what is different?

For apps that are classified as 'Level 4' (ie meaning they have the highest level of complexity and therefore hold a greater clinical safety risk), ORCHA has introduced minimum compliance criteria.  Such apps will now have to demonstrate a suitably qualified professional or body behind the app, as well as evidence of the app’s effectiveness in suitable studies or trials. All apps which fall into this classification and that FAIL to meet this minimum criteria will now be excluded from all ORCHA platforms, meaning people, patients and professionals will only be able to find, download and recommend the best.

ORCHA CEO, Liz Ashall Payne, has said: “We help both the NHS and organisations supporting health and wellbeing to successfully integrate safe and effective health apps into their services.  We also advise developers on the stringent requirements needed within the health and care market to help support the creation of revolutionary apps. We think this change will make health app choices even clearer for both the public and health and care professionals.

R & D Research & Development Director Pip Weitz endorses this change “At ACTO we are always concerned about robotic led apps and sites and the difficulties these pose for clients and patients. Including a named  suitably qualified professional or body behind apps will help to give both our therapists and the clients they work with confidence in the apps they use. We warmly welcome this change”.

As a therapist you can use this ACTO-PPH-ORCHA resource with your clients: - you were recently send a passcode to use which gives you, as an ACTO member, even more functionality and resources that the open section which is available to all.

Issued by Pip Weitz, R & D Director, ACTO 29th May 2018


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