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Online Training Providers

If you are thinking of training as an online therapist, please ensure that the training you chose will lead to the level of Membership you require.  Click here for more information

We are Online Training for Counsellors, also known as OLT4c.

We deliver training in online counselling and online supervision up to and including diploma level to fully qualified and experienced therapists. Additionally, we offer bespoke training courses to skilled helpers, helpline advisors and support staff to allow them to use their skills and work therapeutically and safely at a distance. Our tutors are CPCAB approved and hold expertise in the specific courses they deliver. They are with you every step of the way.

We can’t wait to welcome you to the OLT4c network!

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Now is the time to develop your online therapy skills!

We offer an extensive choice of live tutor led professional Diploma, Certificate, Specialist and Short Courses via video.  Delivered by highly qualified tutors, our courses are open to therapists working independently or within an organisation.

The Academy for Online Therapy are privileged to be partnering with Mind, providing training and support to them in their aim to develop qualified online therapists throughout their organisation.  The Academy aims to provide therapists with comprehensive training to ensure they feel competent and confident in providing online therapy

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The Online Therapy Institute (OTI) offers an 80-hour, self-paced, expertly mentored Certified Cyber Therapist programme, with an optional specialism for working with children and young people. 

Trainees have 12 months to complete the course which is held entirely online and taken at your own pace.  CPD certificate and “Trained by OTI” logo is offered on graduation.  The course is written in line with BACP Competencies (Hill & Roth, 2014). Full GDPR for Therapists mini-course included.

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Counselling Tutor offers an expert-designed and led online counselling course, tailored not only to your learning needs but also to your budget.

  • 80 hours of guided tuition, self-directed learning, exercises and buddy training – all online, accessed via a secure portal
  • This course has been awarded Quality Checked training recognition bythe National Counselling Society (NCS)
  • This course is mapped to the ACTO and BACP core competences and leads to ACTO Membership Level 1.
  • Top up assesment module that leads to ACTO Membership Level 2.

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Online therapy training and professional development with a difference.

AOTT offers unique programs to suit your needs and budget, no matter whether you are a novice, intermediate, or advanced in the online therapy field, there’s a course for everyone!

Built on the principles of ‘reverse engineering’, and accelerated learning, Renée McDonald’s unique courses and course structures has proven a hit for many years and are newly available to ACTO.

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Offers a variety of certificated training courses and workshops for therapists and supervisors to work online. The training provisions offer delegates the option of participating online, in either lone study (supported by the course tutor) which can be arranged at any point within a calendar year, or a second option of participating in an experiential online group course, which takes place a frequent intervals during a calendar year.

Other Online Training Providers

There are other online training providers whom you may wish to undertake training with.  Please note that if you wish to apply for ACTO Professional membership once qualified, the course you complete needs to meet ACTO's eligibility criteria stated above.


ACTO recommends that all its members should have specific training before working online professionally. We list training online training providers above which offer this training. In addition some university counsellor training courses include modules which introduce working online. However, in line with BACP, ACTO does not believe that online work is suitable for the newly trained psychological therapist and have listed training courses which are only open to trained and experienced therapists.