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The information posted on the former ACTO website has been published by web master employed to build and maintain that website.  We are sad to say that upon giving him an appropriate notice of termination of contract, this person tried to extract a large sum of money (a significant portion of ACTO’s limited funds) to pay for work that was not contracted for, or requested.  Prior to giving him notice ACTO had ensured that he had been fully paid for all work he had been engaged to do up until the end of his contract.  He was given the correct end of consultancy notice. He has now been reported to Nominet.

We are happy to share this experience as it provides a good lesson in ensuring you are the owner of your own website domain name, and accompanying user names and passwords.

We appreciate that this situation has caused concern and questions for ACTO members.  The Board worked hard to try and resolve this issue with the web master, and were deeply disappointed that he chose to continue trying to extract money from ACTO in such a public way.  This approach is merely a reflection upon his approach to business and ethics.

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