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Join the leading  community of qualified online therapists 



Become an ACTO Level 1 Member

Turn your hard-earned CPD into a vocational benefit.

By becoming an ACTO Level 1 Member you will join the community of specialist online therapists. You will: 

Have access to the Membership areas of the ACTO site

Receive our newsletters and professional advice on online therapy

Be able to join the ACTO closed FaceBook group

Join in the conversation about online therapy

Reap the Membership Benefits of ACTO

Have full access to the ACTO International Database (coming soon)

Access the R&D online information hub (also coming soon!)

Listed on the ACTO Register of Members

Become an ACTO Level 2 Professional Member

Prove to your clients, your employers, your colleagues,  that you are a highly skilled, professional online therapist. 

Have access to all the membership benefits listed under Level 1 PLUS

Eligible to use ACTO CORE-Net with clients on completion of a short training and competence test

Eligible for an entry in the ACTO ‘Find a Therapist’ Directory on the ACTO website

Eligible for ACTO working groups

Become an ACTO Level 3 Senior Professional Member

Senior Professional Members of ACTO have proved that they have achieved the highest level of proficiency in online therapy.

Have access to all the membership benefits listed under Level 1 and Level 2 PLUS

Be admitted to the ACTO Professional Directory as a Senior Professional Member

Have an enhanced entry in the ACTO ‘Find a Therapist’ register on the ACTO site (if requested)

Be consulted on issues of significance in ACTO’s area of expertise

ACTO Student Membership

ACTO welcomes Student Members


ACTO Associate Membership

ACTO welcomes as Associate Members professionals working in allied fields in mental health who have an interest in online therapy – including trainers of therapists, researchers, retired therapists etc. 

Associate Members have access to the Members' area of the ACTO website and will receive newsletters, mailings, information etc. 

ACTO Organisational and Online Training Provider Membership

Follow the links below to find out if your organisation qualifies to become an ACTO organisational member.

Or if when you run a training organisation you can be added to our page with training providers.