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Additional Information
Membership Number: 240
Hello and welcome.
I am a Certified Cyber Therapist & Cyber Supervisor and offer therapy at a distance to a wide range of people experiencing a wide range of issues.
I have been working online with both clients and supervises since 2015.   I believe online therapy to be an effective, private and accessible way for people to gain support with what is troubling you.  It can provide you with a space where you can find new ways of understanding your behaviour and how you relate to others.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Therapists Information
Counselling / therapy models / approaches:

Transactional Analysis Psychotherapist
Relational Psychotherapist
UKCP Registered

Special Interests:

Children and Young people
Past issues stemming from childhood and present issues - work, relationships

Face to face training:

MSc (TA) Psychotherapy
Post. Grad. Cert. in Counselling Supervision
Certified Transactional Analyst 

Online training:

Certified Cyber Therapist & Certified Cyber Supervisor (Online Trining Institute)

Professional organisation memberships :

United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy. Membership number 6158004
United Kingdom Association of Transactional Analysis. Membership number 750

Code of Ethics adhered to:


Description of my therapy services: I am a relational psychotherapist working at a distance / online. I see the relationship we engage in at the heart of the work we do together.
Experience of working online:

I was previously employed at an award winning young people’s online counselling website as their Clinical Lead.
I have been a trainer on the General Certificate in Online Counselling with Online Training for Counsellors (OLT) and an external supervisor for their Counselling Online Diploma.
I have also delivered training on working with YP online again with OLT and privately.
Currently, my entire practice is worked at a distance


Webcam via Zoom or
Text messenger


My fees are £55 for a 50 minute individual session.

My fees for couples work is £65

Supervisors Information
Online Supervision Qualification:

Certified Clinical Cyber Supervisor (2020) ~ Online Training Institute

Supervision Special Interests:

I am particularly interested and experienced in suprevising counsellors and therapists working with children and young people.

Face To Face Supervisor Training:

Post Graduate Certificate in Counselling Supervision - Chester University 2016

Code of Ethics adhered to Supervisors:

I adhere to UKATA ~ UKCP ~ ACTO Codes of Ethics.

Experience of supervising online:

I have experience of supervising online counsellor via my role of Clinical Lead for I now supervises counsellor from a variety of Children and Young People organisations ie TIC+ in Gloucester , 42nd Street in Manchester by both webcam, IM and the telephone,

Supervision model I mainly use:

I am influenced by the Hawkins and Shohet's 7 Eyed Model of Supervision to support supervises to reflect upon their practice. I also utilise a relational approach put forward by TA practitioners. I see the supervisory relationship, where support and challenge are offered as a way for supervises to expand and reflect upon their practice.

Other models I am conversant with:

I am also influenced by Inskipp and Proctor's (2001) Process Model - Normative (managerial, business), Formative (training and learning) and Restorative (support and emotional). This model I see as giving structure to our work together while providing space for the professional and personal selves, which supervises bring to supervision

What media do you work with?:

For supervision I work with either or webcams
I also work via IM and the telephone

Supervisor Fees:

I charge £55 for a one clock hour of supervision.

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