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Julia Lewis-Sargent UKCP, BACP & ACTO registered Pschotherapist

Therapist Member Level:
  • Level 2
Membership Number: 770

Working online using video is different to working face to face and can be just as powerful as physically being together in the same room. It offers the freedom of meeting from any secure location, whilst being unlimited by physical immobility or travel restrictions.

What ever your reason for being interested in therapy right now you’re welcome to explore working with me further. You can get in touch via email or phone.

Demi Shakespeare

Membership Number: 546
Do you find yourself falling into unhelpful patterns whether that be working too much, relationships or not being able to say no? Maybe you are constantly comparing yourself to others, the way you think about and treat yourself? I can support you Hello, I'm Demi a warm welcome to Demi Shakespeare Therapy ​The decision to seek counselling can feel scary and unsettling, particularly when you feel you should be able to cope with what's bothering you on your own. I have been in a similar position having had my own therapy. I become a therapist because my own journey through therapy showed me how positive and powerful it can be, the influence it can have on relationships with ourselves and others, as well as our sense of happiness in life. I hope to reassure you that taking the step to seek help through counselling will be the beginning of your journey in creating change towards a positive future. I have empathy and experience of how struggles can affect our life
  • Do you ever feel uneasy, anxious, worried or that something is going to go wrong but find yourself not knowing where these feelings have come from?
  • Do you find yourself falling into unhelpful patterns whether that be working too much or not being able to say no? Maybe you are constantly comparing yourself to others, the way you think about and treat yourself that has brought you here.
  • Are you feeling insecure, have you lost confidence in your own abilities or find yourself being drawn to unhealthy relationships?
  • Do you have a life long condition that you are struggling to cope with?
You don't have to do this alone I'm here to help you
I help people who want to feel better about these lives by supporting them in being better able to make sense [...]

Lucy Arnold

Membership Number: 723

Hello, my name is Lucy and I offer online therapy to individuals via Zoom and telephone. I am an Accredited Registered Member of BACP and ACC.

There are many reasons for considering counselling, such as a stressful work environment or a difficult relationship, or an experience in the past such as a loss or disappointment or trauma. You may not fully know your reasons for considering counselling at the moment but feel that talking with someone may help. My experience with the individuals with whom I have worked has shown that counselling has been hugely beneficial.

I believe the quality of the counselling relationship that we create during our work is the most valuable aspect of therapy. This involves an authentic and confidential space where you can feel heard, understood and safe to explore your feelings. The process of reflection, within the context of a trusting relationship, can help you to become more aware of your experience, gain understanding of yourself and your relationships and this can facilitate change.

I use an integrative approach which means that I have been trained in, and can use, several different counselling approaches and will tailor my approach to your unique needs and circumstances. Sometimes it can be helpful to explore your past, and sometimes to explore what is happening right now. Some approaches I use include person-centred, psychodynamic and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT).

My aim is to be open, fair and to give everyone an equal service, recognising and valuing different needs. I offer an initial 15 minute telephone consultation before any work begins, and then potentially an initial session. The initial session helps us both to consider if I am the right counsellor for you.

Mary Wood

Membership Number: 401
It’s a brave step to reach out for help if you’re suffering from any problem that affects your mental health. If you are experiencing stress, anxiety, relationship problems, an eating disorder, or depression, then talking therapy can be a safe environment to get some relief. I am a fully-qualified psychotherapist with 19 years' experience helping clients to explore both the root-causes of their problems and practical strategies for coping with everyday situations. This will help you break destructive habits and establish new routines and relationships.  You can move forward and achieve sustainable life change. My online clients range in age from teens onwards. Together, we look at the root causes, which may include trauma, bereavement, and low self-esteem. I help each client find their own, unique path to recovery.  

Angelika Vraka

Membership Number: 208
I have been working online using skype, facetime, whatsapp video or just voice calls depending on my clients preference 

Renee McDonald

Membership Number: 454
Description of my online supervision service:
I provide face-to-face and online Counselling, psychotherapy and coaching services to promote wellness, good mental health and prevention in Australia and across the world. I have worked as a counsellor/psychotherapist in Australia for over 17 years - and in my own private practice for 13 years. I have been working online in Australia for over 10 years and internationally for over the past couple of years. I am also an online supervisor, mentor and provide online therapy training in Australia. I have recently written my first textbook - Online therapy: Processes, tasks, integration and energetic holding. My work speaks to 'the space between', 'the liminal' (from the Jungian tradition), doors between worlds and how to connect on a deeper level in the void, the vortex or the expansive world that is the online therapeutic space.

Mieke Haveman

Therapist Member Level:
  • Level 2
Membership Number: 289
I work exclusively online and have done so since 2010. I offer both counselling and coaching I prefer to work through text. Either email or text chat. In working with people with pain problems I have found many clients find it helpful to have our sessions on paper so you can read back on what we discussed. Another advantage of email is that you can take your time to reply to me and you don’t have to write everything down at once. But if you really don’t like it I can work through video as well. At the moment I also offer support to those having to work from home during the corona crisis. For those in the health professions who need some extra support I have a special rate. Please contact me about it.

Jane Evans

Membership Number: 106
I have been in practice as a therapist since 1995 and after in depth training during 2001-2004 decided to include online therapy into the services which I provide for clients. I have worked privately with online clients and also within organisational settings too. I have extensive experience in this aspect of counselling and the potential is holds for helping you as a client to make the differences you are hoping for within your life and relationships.

Liz Jeffries

Membership Number: 264

Online Therapy using synchronous text and video/webcam

Irene Toh (S.E. Asia)

Membership Number: 598

Counsellor/Psychotherapist based in Singapore (S.E Asia). Cross-cultural, young people, family specialist. Time-limited counselling or long-term therapy. Online and in-person service. Holistic mental wellness support.

Sandeep Ranu

Membership Number: 541

Psychotherapy is a confidential space for clients to build on their existing resources, learn and practice new coping strategies, share their story, and create lasting change. I offer my services to clients aged 16 and over.

Keren Richardson

Therapist Member Level:
  • Level 2
Membership Number: 691
Hi, my name is Keren.  A warm welcome to my profile. Are you suffering from anxiety, low self esteem or feeling sad? I am here to listen via online video or in person when safe, to help you manage your emotions and feel better.  I am based in Woodford Green and have over ten years experience with a wide range of clients, including counselling children, young people and adults.  My counselling approach is warm and supportive, aiming to help you reach your full potential. Email or call to discuss how I can help and book an initial FREE session.