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Louise Teal

Membership Number: 471
    Hello My Name is Louise, I am a qualified, experienced therapist offering counselling and psychotherapy, we can work together in a brief focused way on an issue, problem, situation that is causing you distress right now or we can work together over a longer period, at a deeper level to examine patterns triggers and recurring problems that are causing you pain in the here and now. I can help you decide what might suit you and your circumstances after we have met and had an assessment session which I offer for free. As a relational therapist I am interested in [...]

Andrew Smith

Membership Number: 524
Online Counselling can help you with your life - exploring your concerns in an accepting environment can be a great relief, as you share the pain, hopes & fears that you have been carrying. Video, audio, live chat and email counselling all available. Life can be so hard at times, yet most of us struggle on, carrying our pain, fear and unmet needs in silence. Perhaps you have lost a loved one or a job, or are losing your health or youth? Whatever is going on for you, counselling can help you with your life - exploring your concerns in an [...]

Liz Jeffries

Membership Number: 264
Online Therapy using synchronous text and video/webcam

Sarah Hanison

Membership Number: 309
Hello, and a very warm welcome. Whatever is troubling you, whatever the stress or anxiety or trauma, let's work together gently and creatively to support your healing and moving forwards. I am an experienced accredited counsellor and psychotherapist and EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner with over 10 years in practice helping and supporting adults. I work either in person from a safe and confidential space in Croxley Green or Rickmansworth, or online (via video, voice, IM, email, telephone).

Catherine Nabbs

Membership Number: 529
Are you feeling angry, anxious, overwhelmed or suffering from low mood? Has something recently happened to you that you need to talk about with someone who won’t judge but who can help you make sense of things? Perhaps you’ve had a traumatic or difficult experience that you need to talk over? Maybe you wake up each day feeling unfulfilled and have a sense that there must be more to life than this? It may be that you are experiencing something new, such as parenthood, which is bringing up uncomfortable memories of your past? Whatever your presenting concern, I provide a confidential, safe space for [...]

Alison Cassy

Membership Number: 443
If you would like to try therapy but for whatever reason are unable to attend in-person sessions, my hope is that you will consider trying webcam, IM or email therapy so that you can access the support you need to process your issues and build yourself a happier, healthier future.  I hold full indemnity insurance and current DBS certificate and undergo regular approved supervision and CPD training in line with BACP guidelines. I try to answer enquiries within 48 hours. Work can be short or longer term and hours are very flexible to meet the needs of my clients’ lives.

Dianne McCormick

Membership Number: 558
As a clinical psychologist, I offer psychotherapy for a variety of issues ranging from day-to-day stresses to more troubling emotional and psychological difficulties. Having benefitted significantly from my own experience of personal growth and psychotherapy, I similarly aim to create a warm, safe and thought-provoking space for my clients. Where appropriate, I share thoughts, perceptions and feelings that may shed new light, insight and direction on areas of exploration. My interests include relationship dynamics, anxiety, depression, couple therapy, and difficulties with anger.

Demi Shakespeare

Membership Number: 546
Do you find yourself falling into unhelpful patterns whether that be working too much, relationships or not being able to say no? Maybe you are constantly comparing yourself to others, the way you think about and treat yourself? I can support you Hello, I'm Demi a warm welcome to Demi Shakespeare Therapy ​The decision to seek counselling can feel scary and unsettling, particularly when you feel you should be able to cope with what's bothering you on your own. I have been in a similar position having had my own therapy. I become a therapist because my own journey through therapy showed [...]

Sam Gibbons

Membership Number: 457
I am a BACP registered and professionally trained and qualified counsellor. I offer a friendly and approachable counselling service, both short-term and long-term, to adults and young people (16yrs+) either online, via telephone, or face-to-face in the Surbiton and Twickenham areas. The way I work is integrative and relational. But what does this mean? ​​Integrative refers to the multiplicity of theories and approaches from which I am able to draw upon during counselling. These include Humanistic therapies (incorporating Existential, Transactional Analysis, Person-Centred and Transpersonal Counselling), Developmental-Psychodynamic Counselling, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). As a Relational counsellor I believe the patterns of living [...]

Georgie Sumner FRSA

Membership Number: 580
I am an HCPC registered Art Therapist also trained to work online and face to face with adults and children. I have experience working with adults in the community for the NHS as well as voluntary work with charities and with children in primary schools.  Sessions and treatment are planned to meet your individual emotional, therapeutic and basic ‘being’ needs before working on any life experiences or difficulties. What does meeting being needs look like? Ways to regulate emotions – to relax, feel calm and self sooth Ways to keep and feel safe The experience of being with another, being heard. Once safety, [...]

Dr Mike Gallant

Membership Number: 464
As an accredited Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist (CBT) (BABCP) and Person-Centred Experiential Counsellor (BACP) I have 20 years’ experience helping people find their way through issues such as anxiety, depression, disturbing memories, flashbacks and posttraumatic stress, relationship issues, anger and despair, low self-esteem, and many more. Clients tell me that although they find our work together challenging at times, they really appreciate the difference it makes. I offer a compassionate, caring, confidential and non-judgemental service that respects your individual needs, preferences and choices – both online and face to face. I have worked in drug and alcohol services, with eating issues, and [...]

Chloe Foster

Membership Number: 410
I specialise in working with LGBTQ clients. I have experience of working for LGBTQ organisations since 2012 and also currently run training courses for counsellors to build their confidence working with LGBTQ clients. I am very passionate about working with clients who may be lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer or questioning and offer safe and open-minded counselling to enable you to express who you are or want to be without fear of prejudice or judgement. I offer a range of ways to meet including video call, phone, instant message and email sessions. I work with adults (over 18) living in the UK [...]