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Louise King

Membership Number: 644
I work with individuals on an open-ended basis as a psychotherapist or for an agreed time period as a counsellor, with the aim of enabling you to enhance your life and to live it more fully. By looking at our thoughts, feelings and behaviour, we can gradually develop insight and stop repeating the things that hold us back from being all we can be. I have worked in private business and management for over twenty years. I understand the pressures and stresses that juggling work and home life can bring. Having worked for over a decade with people suffering from depression and mental health problems, I will not judge how you are feeling.
I am listed in the directory of Kink Aware therapists:

Sarah Hanison

Membership Number: 309
Hello, and a very warm welcome. Whatever is troubling you, whatever the stress or anxiety or trauma, let's work together gently and creatively to support your healing and moving forwards. I am an experienced accredited counsellor and psychotherapist and EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner with over 10 years in practice helping and supporting adults. I work either in person from a safe and confidential space in Croxley Green or Rickmansworth, or online (via video, voice, IM, email, telephone). As an integrative psychotherapist I practice in a warm and person-centred way working holistically and tailoring my skills to match my client’s needs. I am trained in a number of modalities: psychodynamic, humanistic, existential and transpersonal psychotherapies, and work in a variety of creative ways; as well as listening and reflecting and relating, I also include Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and related energy therapies, mindfulness and meditation, body and breath work, multi-modal CBT, visualisation, drawing and working with dreams and archetypal material. EFT is a scientifically-proven safe, effective and gentle technique for trauma, PTSD, phobias and addictions, stress, anxiety and panic, depression, negative belief systems - it benefits most things. Utilising EFT and visualisation techniques Matrix Reimprintung and Matrix Birth Reimprinting offer a very effective ways in processing and clearing deep trauma without necessarily having to relive the actual event and risk retraumatisation. They also help to uncover core unconscious negative beliefs and behavioural patterns and transform them. Matrix Birth Reimprinting helps to gently clear trauma and stress that took place at conception, in utero, birth, and the hours and days after being born. It is also helpful for infertility issues, loss of a child, miscarriage, abortion, and adoption. I integrate EFT and Matrix Reimprinting into my psychotherapy practice and also offer them as stand-alone therapies. As well as EFT and Matrix Reimprinting for trauma I have [...]

Dr Mike Gallant

Membership Number: 464
As an accredited Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist (CBT) (BABCP) and Person-Centred Experiential Counsellor (BACP) I have 20 years’ experience helping people find their way through issues such as anxiety, depression, disturbing memories, flashbacks and posttraumatic stress, relationship issues, anger and despair, low self-esteem, and many more. Clients tell me that although they find our work together challenging at times, they really appreciate the difference it makes. I offer a compassionate, caring, confidential and non-judgemental service that respects your individual needs, preferences and choices – both online and face to face. I have worked in drug and alcohol services, with eating issues, and with other complex mental health problems, in the private as well as the public sector. I also train and supervise therapists and was a Senior Teaching Fellow at Warwick University for a number of years. For the past 10 years I’ve been a psychological therapist in the NHS, primarily using CBT and Person-Centred approaches though also integrating other approaches in which I have had further training (e.g. EMDR, NLP, Schema work etc.), so I can offer different ways of working together to suit your needs at this time. I work with adults of 18 and over on the Dr Julian mental healthcare platform.

Meryn Addison

Membership Number: 688

Hi! I'm Meryn - and I'm a human first, therapist second.

I say this because, in therapy good outcomes are often attributed to the quality of the relationship between client and therapist, you need to click, there needs to be connection. I believe this is the case with all healing, growth and development. We grow in connection with other human beings, we can't do it in a vacuum. 

This is core to my approach and how I work. I always try to be my authentic self with you and I hope within the safe therapeutic space you are able to do the same. I am a real person, with likes and dislikes, I like to laugh and joke, I also like to read psycho educational theory & textbooks. I bring all of this to the therapy room, I am me.

The way I work is integrative, which means I blend many psychological theories together in a unique way for each client. I listen to your story, then I help you to understand your story and together we find a way of retelling your story that gives different insights and perspectives. We won't solely focus on the difficult experiences you've been through, it is important that we process these and then find hope and a way to move forwards. I believe that with the right care, attention and nurturing we will all grow, develop and bloom. It is a beautiful process and I am grateful and honoured to be doing this work with clients.

I work collaboratively with you to support you in your emotional wellbeing, to help you develop skills in self-care and to foster a deeper understanding of yourself.​

My role is to [...]

Mari Green

Membership Number: 179
As  you are looking for a therapist I am guessing that you are finding things difficult.  You may know the help you need or you may just feel that things aren't right and that's OK too.  I offer you my warmth and empathy and my professional experience to help you to understand yourself and find a way forward to a happier future and control over your life. Therapy where is most convenient and private for you Book your appointment:   http:// http://

Alison Cassy

Membership Number: 443

If you would like to try therapy but for whatever reason are unable to attend in-person sessions, my hope is that you will consider trying webcam, IM or email therapy so that you can access the support you need to process your issues and build yourself a happier, healthier future. 

I hold full indemnity insurance and current DBS certificate and undergo regular approved supervision and CPD training in line with BACP guidelines. I try to answer enquiries within 48 hours. Work can be short or longer term and hours are very flexible to meet the needs of my clients’ lives.

Mary Wallace MBACP (Accredited), Dip. Coun. MA Counselling, Cert. Supervision

Therapist Member Level:
  • Level 2
Membership Number: 846

I can support you to rediscover your resilience through stressful and painful experiences.
I strive in my counselling to meet you where you are and to offer you open-minded and non-judgmental support. I am committed to anti-discriminatory practice and I see counselling as a place where we can talk about the things that are hard and may feel impossible to talk about elsewhere. I welcome you to bring any aspect of your experience to our work together.

Julia Lewis-Sargent UKCP, BACP & ACTO registered Pschotherapist and Counsellor

Therapist Member Level:
  • Level 2
Membership Number: 770

Online therapy can offer the flexibility of meeting via video securely, when you have a private and safe environment with the necessary technical security to do so. It allows us to meet without the logistical issues of travel, parking and mobility. What ever your reason for being interested in therapy right now you’re welcome to explore working together further, either via email or phone conversation.

Lisa K Peett – LKP Counselling

Membership Number: 708
Thank you for visiting my profile - I hope that this information will support you to take the next step towards making the changes in your life which you hope for I offer an Initial Consultation without any further obligation - a chance for me to understand a bit more about what brings you to seek a therapist and for you to see whether my approach might be a good fit for you I offer individuals and couples psychotherapy, counselling and personal development sessions - by video (Zoom), telephone or face to face where appropriate, from my practice in Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire Further information about me any my practice can be found at  

Alexandra Kubit-Hope MSc. MBACP

Membership Number: 576
Hello, my name is Alex, and I am an integrative counsellor working online. I am calm, empathetic, and non-judgemental, as many of my clients tell me. I believe that no problem is too small for counselling. If something bothers you and it affects your day to day life, then it is big enough and important enough for us to look at and talk about. If you would like to find out more about me and how I work, please click my name to read the rest of my profile information. A decision to seek counselling is often not an easy one but, in many ways, it shows your willingness and determination to look after yourself, and give yourself the support you need, which in itself is a very important step. I also very strongly believe that it is also a sign of your strength, the fact that you recognized that something is not right, and you are not willing to accept it, but instead seek ways of living a happy and fulfilling life. Counselling is not about a counsellor telling you what to do, criticizing you, or offering you advice. Counselling is about creating a safe space for you, where you and the counsellor can explore together what it is that brought you to counselling. Sometimes it may be easy to define, and at other times you may be feeling unhappy, for example, but not quite know why. The counsellor will help you to untangle those feelings, and help you explore how you may want to tackle the issues that cause you difficulty. I believe that counselling is about unlocking your own potential and resources (one of my clients called it ‘her toolbelt’), which you can reach for if and when you need them. This is why the safe space is so [...]

Alison Moore

Membership Number: 453
I help overwhelmed women find a healthy balance between caring for themselves and their family relationships so they can live fulfilling and meaningful lives.  I have particular expertise in supporting Executives and others who have quite an isolated life − at work and/or home. 

James Knight

Membership Number: 310
I aim to ensure that empathy, congruence and unconditional positive regard underpin all my client work. I am person-centred and client-led and work in a non-directive way. I work hard to create the therapeutic space clients can use as feels most useful to them, offering support and gentle challenge as needed. I have significant experience in providing employee assistance programme (EAP) time-limited work. I also have a wealth of experience working with students (university and college) and young people. I have specific experience of working with LGBTQ clients and am confident and knowledgeable in working with issues including: gender identity and expression, sexuality, sex (including kink and fetishes), multi-party relationships (more than 2 people) and non-monogamous or polyamorous relationships.