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Jill Edwards

Membership Number: 187
I work with a wide range of difficulties, with warmth and support for clients from all walks of life and in sorts of situations. I would like to meet with you where you are and work with you to move forwards.

Sid Kennedy Counselling

Membership Number: 579

After recently managing a university Wellbeing & Disability Service, I have returned to counselling, where I have over fifteen years’ experience – in private practice and in educational settings. Prior to counselling, I taught English for twenty years in a college of Further Education.

Suzy King

Membership Number: 327
I offer a 30 minute free consultation to individuals and a half-price 1 hr consultation to couples to see if we are the right 'therapeutic fit'. I have very flexible working hours and can do some evenings and Sundays. Please find more information about me via my website 

Meryn Addison

Membership Number: 688

Hi! I'm Meryn - and I'm a human first, therapist second.

I say this because, in therapy good outcomes are often attributed to the quality of the relationship between client and therapist, you need to click, there needs to be connection. I believe this is the case with all healing, growth and development. We grow in connection with other human beings, we can't do it in a vacuum. 

This is core to my approach and how I work. I always try to be my authentic self with you and I hope within the safe therapeutic space you are able to do the same. I am a real person, with likes and dislikes, I like to laugh and joke, I also like to read psycho educational theory & textbooks. I bring all of this to the therapy room, I am me.

The way I work is integrative, which means I blend many psychological theories together in a unique way for each client. I listen to your story, then I help you to understand your story and together we find a way of retelling your story that gives different insights and perspectives. We won't solely focus on the difficult experiences you've been through, it is important that we process these and then find hope and a way to move forwards. I believe that with the right care, attention and nurturing we will all grow, develop and bloom. It is a beautiful process and I am grateful and honoured to be doing this work with clients.

I work collaboratively with you to support you in your emotional wellbeing, to help you develop skills in self-care and to foster a deeper understanding of yourself.​

My role is to [...]

Joanne Mander

Membership Number: 324
Hello there, my name is Joanne.  I am glad that you have decided to consider online counselling. Not only is it easily accessible but it also means that you get the support you require in the comfort of your own home or in a space that you feel safe, surrounded by the things that are important to you. We can share this space to explore your relationship together. I'll work with you or your and your partner or family member in confidence and my role is to listen to you, your worries and concerns in a non-judgemental way.  From my own experience of counselling I understand and appreciate that it is important that you and your partner feel as ease in order to talk about the "difficult stuff".  For this reason, I always aim to create a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.  For this that find it difficult to talk openly, I adopt a range of therapeutic interventions to support you in expressing your thoughts and needs. I can support you or you and your partner to explore the unhelpful patterns of relating that you find yourself repeating; unpick the conversations that keep going around in circles and the arguments that follow; the topics that are off limits as they result in making your situation worse; the challenges or parenting and the emotional fall out following an affair or any other difficulties that you are experiencing in your relationship.  Whatever the difficult, together we can work towards making your relationships healthier, stronger and much more fulfilling. My experience spans 25 years working with people in a caring profession.  For the last 11 years I have practiced as a Relationship Counsellor working with couples, individuals and families in  Relate Centres, CAHMS and Sure Start Centres.  Alongside my private practice, I am also still practicing [...]

Maya Patrizia Gagni

Membership Number: 540773 BACP

Counsellor, Psychotherapist, EMDR Accredited Practitioner, Supervisor and Equine Facilitated Psychotherapist

Jane Maclachlan

Membership Number: 486
The choice to begin therapy is a courageous one. Taking that first step to make contact when you are feeling vulnerable can be the most difficult, but also the most important one that you can take. Online therapy is not a poor substitute for face to face therapy. It is different but no less effective and can be a great way to access support when practicalities make it difficult to meet in person. I am an experienced and fully qualified psychodynamic psychotherapist and counsellor offering short and long term online counselling. I have also trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) skills and like to include this within my work when it seems helpful. I work in a straightforward and empathetic way creating a safe and non judgmental environment in which you can explore whatever is troubling you. I have had extensive experience of working with and helping clients with a wide variety of problems, such as depression, anxiety, bereavement, relationship or work related issues. I also work with adults for whom none of the above seems relevant, yet who feel a pervasive sense of discontent or lack of fulfilment, sometimes with no clear cause. They may want help in thinking about a particular concern that worries and preoccupies them or they may merely be curious to understand themselves better. In all cases, counselling can be an invaluable and life changing experience. Over the last ten years, I have worked in a variety of therapeutic settings. As well as working for a counselling charity and in private practice, I have also worked as a bereavement counsellor for a local Hospice & a psychotherapist in the NHS Secondary Care Psychological Therapy Services. I now work exclusively in private practice, working face to face and online with individuals.

Georgina Sumner

Membership Number: 580

I am an HCPC registered Art Therapist also trained to work online and face to face with adults and children as well as a member of BACP and a Fellow of the RSA. I have experience working with adults in the community for the NHS as well as voluntary work with charities and with children in primary schools. 

Sessions and treatment are planned to meet your individual emotional, therapeutic and basic ‘being’ needs before working on any life experiences or difficulties.

What does meeting being needs look like?
Ways to regulate emotions – to relax, feel calm and self sooth
Ways to keep and feel safe
The experience of being with another, being heard.

Once safety, trust are established we can look to process experiences and difficulties you may be facing.

Jan Stiff

Membership Number: 211
Description of my online supervision service:
Hello - My name is Jan I work in an integrative way ensuring that the client does not feel judged so that they can feel confident enough to form a trusting relationship with me. I am led by the needs of the client sensitive to the fact that each individual person is an expert in understanding themselves and has the ability to help themselves with appropriate support I am qualified to offer Online Counselling and Online supervision. I specialise in counselling young people / young adults, online and face to face. I understand the feelings of loneliness, despair and fear that many young people struggle with. I also appreciate how early intervention counselling can help prevent the development or escalation of mental health issues within this age group. N.B. (For online counselling, young people = 17 years and above - All clients need to live within the British Isles) Please note that, due to Skype's limitations of confidentiality, I do not provide sessions via Skype. I am happy to use Zoom or Vsee - both are free to download

Carole Francis-Smith

Membership Number: 185
Description of my online supervision service:
I believe any one of us can benefit from support at some point in our lives and offer a professional and compassionate place to explore difficult issues. Working online offers an opportunity to access therapy in a timely fashion and at a pace that suits you. I look to tailor therapy to suit your needs and look forward to meeting you.

David Slattery

Membership Number: 415
I have worked as a therapist for 30 years, and before that in mental health in the voluntary sector. I offer to create, with clients, an experience of deep acknowledgement and acceptance, which leads to profound change. A combination of deep listening, acceptance and challenge. 

Emma Cameron

Membership Number: 450
I have a friendly, gentle approach which suits people who are sensitive and thoughtful, HSP's, and those who have experienced trauma or Childhood Emotional Neglect (CEN). To get a better idea of my style and approach, visit my website where you can read my articles and blog posts.