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List of items needing researching

List of items needing researching

We know that working online is effective but there are so many aspects of working online that are so far unresearched. We know that students andprofessional researchers are seeking projects and we hope that by providing a list of topics that would be useful to be researched we will add to the body of evidence available to the profession.

Where necessary we feel would be important to research and match to researchers looking for thesis project titles. This list is open to all researchers, student and professional from all academic and research institutions.

Please contact if you would like a project idea to be added to this list.

Project Lead: Alesia Moulton-Perkins

Project Titles Proposed   Projects Allocated    
Subject NumberProject TitleBrief Description by the person proposing the topicResearcher project allocatedAcademic InstitutionEthical Approval Received for the ProjectDate AllocatedEstimated Completion Date
1st April 2018Comparing and contrasting using live chat together with sound or no sound
6th January 1900
7th January 1900
8th January 1900
9th January 1900
10th January 1900
11th January 1900
12th January 1900
13th January 1900
14th January 1900
15th January 1900
16th January 1900
17th January 1900
18th January 1900
19th January 1900
20th January 1900
21st January 1900
22nd January 1900
23rd January 1900
24th January 1900
25th January 1900
26th January 1900
27th January 1900
2nd February 1900
3rd February 1900
4th February 1900
5th February 1900
6th February 1900
7th February 1900
8th February 1900
9th February 1900
10th February 1900
11th February 1900
12th February 1900
13th February 1900
14th February 1900
15th February 1900
16th February 1900
17th February 1900
18th February 1900
19th February 1900
20th February 1900
21st February 1900
22nd February 1900
23rd February 1900
24th February 1900
25th February 1900
27th February 1900
28th February 1900
1st March 1900