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International Director’s Report





The main development to report is that ACTO is close to establishing an embryonic database of information valuable to therapists working internationally online. This is due to be rolled out very soon as the new website develops.

The intention is to be able to give an overview of the counselling and psychotherapy situation for each country – in particular relating to working online. We hope to be able to identify the major psychotherapy and counselling organisation and give links to them. We will try to set up a list of experts in online therapy in each country – together with indications of problem areas identified in working in a specific country.

Initially this work is being done in co-operation with the European Association for Psychotherapy – and therefore is, understandably, Europe-focused.

As you can imagine, with over 200 nations registered with the United Nations, our initial database will be limited in scope. However, we very much hope that ACTO (and EAP) therapists will be able to feed back pertinent information (initially to me), for inclusion in the database. Please do let me have any information you think is (a) helpful and (b) reliable by emailing me at:

I have to acknowledge the extensive help of our administrator, Anne Frost – who is an absolute wizard with Excel and set up the system for us.

Beyond that, the next steps relate to:

  • encouraging the international therapeutic community to work towards establishing sophisticated and robust standards of practice for online therapy – and
  • developing training standards for both core trainings and stand-alone, post-registration trainings in online psychotherapy and counselling.

Both of these are longer-term projects.

I look forward to continuing developing international links and to promoting ACTO as a catalyst for professionalism in the practice of online therapy.

Adrian M. Rhodes,

International Director,