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I have a face to face supervisor. Do I need an online supervisor?

There is no doubt that having a trained online supervisor will be of benefit. However neither BACP or ACTO insist that you have a trained online supervisor but suggest that some of your current supervision is done through similar technology that’s used for working with clients and advise to have a trained online supervisor to do this with.

BACP Working Online Guideline 047, states:

Point 3 "It is considered good practice to receive at least some supervision online through similar technology to that used for working with clients ..."

(Bond, 2016 BACP online guideline)

ACTO Code of Ethics:

"Members should be aware of and work within their limitations and competence; seeking regular supervision preferably from an experienced online supervisor; and be willing to undertake continuing professional development."

We therefore recommend that at least part of your online therapy work should be explored in online supervision and preferably with an experienced online supervisor.

If you need help to find an online supervisor you can find a list of registered online supervisors on the ACTO website