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Dr Julian is an innovative mental healthcare platform that increases accessibility to mental healthcare.  It can take many months to obtain help in the NHS.

We connect patients securely within days, seven days a week, to vetted mental healthcare professionals offering them choice of time and type of appointment ie video/audio/text they want. All therapists are appropriately qualified and have on-line training/experience. We match patients to therapists using filters of language/issue and therapy type or they can choose their own.

As part of the system patients take anxiety (GAD7), depression (PHQ9) or WSAS assessments, which are stored in the patients own profile as a permanent record. Text conversations are also kept in the patient’s own profile for ongoing reference.

We can work with Private Patients, Corporate Organisations and the NHS. Our corporate packages allow us to provide support to employers giving their employees access to our services through their own unique portal. We can also work with any company wanting to offer a mental health service as an add on to their existing services. 

For the NHS the system is designed so that every Mental Health Trust/Provider has their own portal branded and customised to their needs. We are working on integrating into IAPTUS/Prism.

Using our therapists the NHS can use Dr Julian to address periods of high/exceptional demand or reduce waiting lists. The NHS could use their own staff on the platform thus providing patients with further choice.

So long as patients have internet access they can have appointments from wherever it works best for them.

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