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The Association for Counselling & Therapy Online [ACTO] is proud to announce the launch its latest membership benefit: CORE-Net.

ACTO believes the purchase of CORE-Net as a membership benefit is going to be the most amazing tool for our members, and ultimately for the care of our clients.

It will also provide us with the evidence-base for online therapy. This is essential if we wish to be commissioned by NHS services and elsewhere.

CORE IMS (Information Management Systems) is one of the leaders in the field of routine outcome measurement in mental health psychological therapies. CORE-Net is the online version.

Many of you will have used CORE, and seen filing cabinets full of CORE scores. Being online therapists, we have an enormous benefit: we can use CORE-Net – a digital tool completed by clients online and 100% managed online. This gives an opportunity to track risk and safeguarding as well as providing clients with information about how they are doing …. And our pilot shows that clients really appreciated this. 

To give you a little more information about the pilot, 6 online therapists from a wide range of therapeutic trainings from CBT to psychodynamic, undertook a pilot to see how CORE-Net would work in the online context. 

This presentation will discuss the outcomes of the pilot and the adopting of CORE-Net as a major membership benefit to ensure better management of safeguarding and risk, better tracking of a client’s progress, and an ideal research tool using anonymised data for research purposes.

In ACTO, we aim to evidence the efficacy of online therapy in order to ensure better prospects for online therapists, and more focussed and appropriate interventions and therapeutic approaches for clients.

This is a  benefit for members only. so if you want to use CORE-Net please sign up to become a member of ACTO.



Please download and fill in the registration form if you would like to participate in the course

You can view the course prospectus here