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CORE-Net training

CORE Net is great news for all of us in the online profession: great for therapists to check safeguarding, risk and client progress, great for clientswho have told us they like it as they can also monitor how they are doing, great for researchers as it provides a a marvellous tool either for individual therapists to do their own research or as a pooled resource, and great for employers and service providers as it provides the evidence base - it helps them to see recovery rates.

Most of us online therapists never thought of ourselves as researchers …. That’s something that happens out their in universities etc …. But CORE Net means we can each be our own researchers …. As you can using CORE Net with small numbers to write up case studies or doing qualitative research. The anonymised pool of data that will grow in ACTO’s CORE Net will give university researchers something tangible to research regarding providing the evidence base for online therapy. This is so lacking at the moment and this is where each of you as ACTO members can make a difference both to your own practice and to the evidence that will result.

Equality having more evidence that online therapy works (most of us know this already of course, but it needs to be better evidenced) means that the NHS and large organisations (such as insurance companies) are more likely to commission online therapy, which means better employment for online therapists. All in all …. It is a great tool that has benefits for everyone.

You can download the course prospectus here

Please download and fill in the registration form if you would like to participate in the course

This is why ACTO has invested in CORE Net after carrying out a pilot, on behalf of its members. But just as learning to drive a car looks easy until you start, so to with CORE Net … it won’t take you long to get going but there is some necessary training.  This will take you about 10 hours before starting to use this with clients.  The training is £165.00 and is the only major cost to you. We bought for you, it cost ACTO around £3,000 ….. which is way outside the price range of a private therapist ……. But gives you all the advantages that you would have if you were working for an organisation using CORE. Apart from this the only cost is a £6.00 one-off cost when you add a client. This is a charge largely made by CORE for the back end administration. That’s it …. So instead of paying a fortune to buy CORE Net you all you will pay as part of your ASCTO membership is that one-off charge of £6.00 per client.

All you need to do to get going with using CORE Net ACTO membership benefit is to complete this short training to get you going. This training is provided by The Academy for Online Counselling & Psychotherapy on behalf of ACTO. To download the prospectus and application form please go to: To read more about CORE Net please go to: Next course begins 22nd May 2019.

Being part of CORE Net gives you an opportunity to be part of the growth of evidence for online therapy! So please join us in making this a success!

‘I love using CORE-Net…what differentiates it from other outcome measures are the measures for clinical and reliable change.’

Using CORE-Net gave the clients more ‘ownership’ of both the data and the process.

It was also acknowledged that to attain consistent data quality for any future research databases, training of all therapists regardless of their experience, would be necessary.

Therapists also reported that the benefits from the ‘smoothness’ of using CORE-Net around online therapy, where invitations were sent by email and client responses reported in the software to be screen shared in the online sessions. It meant that for both client and therapist, they started the sessions feeling more focussed, having some idea of the issues from the outset of each session.

Several therapists noted the importance of the visual aspect of using CORE-net with the sessional change measure, TRIM, and screen sharing in the online session. “People gain a lot by looking at something.”

All therapists involved in the project saw that CORE-Net could provide a database to demonstrate the effectiveness of online therapy.

The therapists all felt their clients had been ‘happy’ to complete weekly outcome measures.

On the effect of using CORE-Net on the therapeutic relationship, several therapists mentioned that they thought Being able to discuss the data in the sessions seemed to make therapy more ‘transparent’, and so ‘empowered’ the clients, making the therapeutic alliance feel more ‘equal’