Some of you know that we are hard at work to create a new directory. We have now discussed the input we received from members. Thank you very much for those of you who did.The next round will be to try out some of the suggestions and see what works best. That will happen in January.

There have been some problems with the members area. Also behind the scenes we are working very hard to get this sorted and we are nearly there. It will mean a change in software and that takes time. But as we are now without a ways of communicating with each other we have created a Facebook group.

This group is closed and only people who are ACTO members will be admitted to this group. If you want to join please go to the group's page  and then ask to join. This may take a little while as we will check if you are a member.

ACTO will have a stand on Thursday's Mindtech conference in London. If you are attending please come by and say hello.

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