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Blog competition rules

ACTO is very proud to announce its first blog competition for members and non-members

The rules are very simple:
• Write a blog post of 500 – 750 words on the subject ‘Adapting your practice in times of Covid-19’.
• Submit one piece of artwork that goes with the blog post and a small photo of yourself.
• Please make sure you hold copyright of all images or provide images that are free to use commercially.
• All work has to be original and unique to the author.
• One submission per person.
• Each entry is allowed to be 5% under or over the world limit. Entries that do not meet that criteria will be disqualified. References do not count towards the word limit.

Submit this to before July 1st.
Once the entries come in you can find them here: 

Voting Process
From 1st - 7th July anyone (members and non-members) can vote for their favourite blog post.

You can vote once in each category. Members and non-members.

This will be promoted on social media and shared through our newsletter.
The winner will be announced on 8th July.

The winner of the members cateogry will receive

 one year’s free membership of ACTO including one or both directories

The winner of the non-members category will receive

a ‘grand parenting’ fee, if they are therapists who want to join ACTO / £50 if they are non-ACTO people who don’t want to join ACTO

• After the voting is over the blog posts will remain property of ACTO and will be placed on the regular ACTO blog. This will not happen all at once but in phases with a few weeks between them.
• We require you not to post the blog anywhere else on the internet.