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ACTO Webmaster Directors AGM report 2018

It took longer than planned to redo the website. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we had to rebuild from scratch and with a new website address. Around summer the bare bones of the new website were there, and everything worked.

Since then we have been adding new pages and whole new sections. Amongst the newest are the new membership categories, the pages for the working groups and the new Orcha-PPH collaboration.

In the meantime, a small group of us has continued to think about the directories. We asked and got feedback from members. And we also asked a small section of the public [non-therapists] how they look for help online.

The last few weeks we have put this all together and are now nearly ready to have the new directory made. We hope the new one will be more user-friendly both to fill in and to search. It will mean that you may have to tweak your entries once more as we got rid of and added some new fields. But this is only to make your listing easier to find.

The next item on the list for the website is to make it compliant to GDPR standards. And I am sure that it will continue to grow with more sections and pages over the next year. So do check the website from time to time.

Next, to the website, we have also set up a closed Facebook group. This is only for members and the admins check that before letting anyone on. A lot of you have found it already and it is an easy way to get in touch with each other.

Mieke Haveman

ACTO webmaster

Download the Word version here