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3) ACTO/PHH/Orcha Apps

ACTO/PHH/Orcha Apps Project.

This is a proposed project between Orcha and Private Practice Hub, including The Online Therapy Hub PPH and Orcha are ACTO organisational members.

This project will enable our members to have access to a dedicated page on page website with (mental) health apps …. The following is a sample beta site for this page.

This is a three way partnership between Private Practice Hub and the Online Therapy Hub. There is no cost to either organisation for their organisational membership as we recognise that this is an equal partnership between the three organisations. A contract will be signed between the three organisations.

In additional to the tri-branded page for the apps both PPH and Orcha will have their own organisational pages. Initially this project will last two years, but with a renewable contract.

There are tools (such as ProReal, Skype) that do not fit currently within Orcha’s review of apps and the three organisations will need to work out a method for reviewing these for the foreseeable future.

Project Lead: Pip Weitz
Project Cluster: Carole Franceis Smith & Pip Weitz
Co-opted: None