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ACTO Membership Directors AGM Report 2018

Since Rob Oglesby handed this role over to me in July 2017, it has become much busier: ACTO has seen a distinct increase in ACTO student applications, from all training organisations but a large number through the Academy for Online Counselling and Psychotherapy. We have certainly seen a growth of membership over my time in office to a total to date of 148 active members.

Several new membership categories have also been recently developed to allow for other professionals such as Research Section applicants to join ACTO –  There is a process that each section is required to go through to ensure they are appropriate for membership. For instance, the Research Section applicants are required to be partaking in one project related to working therapeutically online and must have been granted ethical approval by their organization.

To help ensure that ACTO members are up to date around work being undertaken directly by the Board of Directors as well as the newly formed working groups, regular emails is newsletter formats are posted to all members. We are happy to say that there have been some positive responses to these updates.

Since this role has become increasingly more time consuming, the administrative aspect of adding members to the system has recently been taken on as a paid role by Anne Frost. This will enable Jan Stiff to spend more time focussing on membership enquiries as they come through as well as continuing to keep members updated to any changes and developments taking place within ACTO whilst working closely with Mieke Haveman, webmaster director, to ensure that the members are also updated about any changes made to the website itself.

Jan Stiff – Membership Director

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