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ACTO memberhsip fee increase structure



In 2016 the Board of Directors learned that the membership fees had not risen since 2008, which went a long way to explain why the finances available for development and projects were extremely limited.

At that time the Board proposed that the membership fees therefore are increased incrementally over a 5 year plan.

The fees in Jan 2017 were:

Annual ACTO Membership Fee £20.
Annual listing in one Directory £10, and an annual listing in both Directories £15.


From May 1st 2017 the membership fees increased to:

£30 for individual and community membership.
Student membership was 50% of this figure (£15).
Annual listing in one Directory costs £15 and an annual listing in both Directories is £20.

The Board believed that it was reasonable to assume if there had been an annual increase since 2008, the 2017 fees would be £65 (considering the size of ACTO, the changes made and amount of different projects being undertaken).

This was a difference of £45 from the fees in January 2017, which spread over the last 9 years would have been an annual increase of £5 since 2008.

Increasing to £30 in May 2017 for that financial year left a £35 difference; which over another four years at an increase of £8.75 a year, gets us to £65 in April 2021. 

From that point ACTO anticipates an annual increase of approximately 2%, in line with inflation.

For your convenient please be aware that we are happy to receive your membership fees by direct debit.

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