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ACTO Interational AGM report 2018

I was appointed a Director of ACTO in September 2018 taking on the role of International Director from Pip Weitz on 1st November 2017. I have been involved with the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP)  since 2002 and was President/Vice President between 2009-2015; previously I was General Secretary and Vice-Chair of UKCP from 2002-2009.

The role of the International Director is to pay attention to the international context of ACTO’s work and of online counselling and psychotherapy. I see my priorities as being:

  1. To scope and map out the international legal and professional context of online therapy;
  2. To identify and engage with organisations and individuals having responsibility for, or interest in, the regulation and practice of online therapy;
  3. To work towards establishing agreed Codes of Ethics and Conduct and of Training Standards;
  4. To promote the establishment of internationally accepted ‘therapy passports’ for practitioners.

To these ends I am engaged in – or working towards – the following tasks

  1. Heading up a working group of the EAP on online therapy;
  2. Co-operating with other European parties to secure funding for a researcher to further the aims highlighted above;
  3. Making links with the European Association for Counselling to promote joint working;
  4. Making international links to scope individual and organisational resources.

At present, this is a ‘slow-burn’ project, but I anticipate momentum to increase significantly over the next 12 months.

Adrian M. Rhodes,

International Director,


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