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2) ACTO / CORE Pilot

2) ACTO / CORE Pilot.
This is an extremely exciting project involving a pilot currently being prepared involving six ACTO therapists in being trained by CORE to use CORE in the online setting working over three months therapeutically using CORE. We will each be trained by Simone Mellor-Clarke.

The pilot will be completed by September when we will write up the outcomes and results for publication and review.

We are incredibly lucky to have negotiated this pilot, which is at no cost to ACTO, and it is very generous of CORE. If this project is successful we hope that we might be able to propose CORE together a membership benefit for ACTO members. We recognised there will be a major cost to implement this, but this is all to be considered once the pilot is completed.

The overarching benefit of such implementation would be to provide a vast pool of research data to evidence the efficacy of working online therapeutically and providing a body of evidence to employers, commissioners and those developing online services..

Project Lead: Rachael Klug
Project Cluster: Rachael, Alesia, Margareta, Jan and Pip
Co-opted: Sarah Worley-James and Lalage Harries for review and advice