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ACTO Chair’s AGM Report 2018

These are incredibly exciting times for ACTO; with core projects moving forwards; continuing progress with enlarging our website so we can keep you informed of all our projects, and build on our library of resources and information to support you in your online work.

You will hear about these projects in more detail from the Directors involved in them.  I want to take this opportunity to thank them all for their energy, enthusiasm, ideas, skills and time that they all commit to ACTO.  As you know, we all give our time voluntarily, whilst managing a range of other jobs, roles and life commitments!

So thank you to all of our Directors:

Jan Stiff our Membership Director for responding so warmly to new members, and helpfully to the queries that arise. 

Pip Weitz for her unbounded energy and ideas, in both the role she vacated (Ethics and Standards) and in a newly created role of Research and Development Director.

Mieke Havemen; ACTO’s Webmaster, for her tireless work on our ever expanding website. 

Adrian Rhodes, ACTO’s International Director; bringing his experience and links with the online therapy world outside of the UK.   

Sheelagh Ward; in a brand new role as ACTO’s Organisational Director, working to develop relationships with the wider profession.

Rachel Krug, leading on a research project and pilot partnership with COREnet.

Dalila Bellometti, a Director without Portfolio, bringing knowledge, ideas and experience to all areas of ACTO’s work.

And a big thank you to Victoria Sharman, who has sadly stepped down as Ethics and Standards Director.


The Future

Administrator: to more fully support the increasing workload of the Directors, we have employed a part time Administrator, Anne Frost.  Anne is hugely experienced and skilled, and will bring a consistency to the all important background admin; which can prove challenging for Directors, as they naturally change role during their tenure, and have a limited time on the Board.  So you will find that some of your initial contact will be dealt with by her in future, freeing up Jan in particular, to concentrate on other aspects of her role as Membership Director; especially as our membership categories have expanded so much!

New membership categories: you may have noticed that these categories have expanded considerably; as ACTO reaches out to work with researchers, non -therapists interested in online work, and organisations related to online work (such as therapy platforms, software and app developers, insurers and voluntary sector therapy organisations).

Directories: to support our members Mieke and the Board have been working to overhaul the Therapist and Supervisor’s directories, and we appreciate your patience and feedback, which is helping us to create directories which are user friendly and work well for both the public and yourselves.  This is a priority job that we aim to complete in the near future.

Social Media:
In order to raise ACTO’s profile and increase your access to useful information and support we are recruiting a Media Director. 

Research: you will hear Pip and Rachel talking about big developments with ACTO’s involvement and support of research into all aspects of online therapy; an exciting area that ACTO has been keen to become part of for some time.

Online guideline and Training Standards: we are making progress with the creation of universal online guidelines, with the BACP and UKCP; and work with the online training providers on the development of shared standards for courses and workshops.  Both of these projects are very important to ACTO, and we are in the process of recruiting from ACTO members into a newly created Training Director post, and filling the newly vacated Ethics and Standards Director post.  With these two positions filled we will be able to put fresh energy into completing both of these projects by the end of the year.

Invitation for new directors

As always I end my report with an invitation to join the Board!  We welcome applicants from a wide range of backgrounds, modalities, skills, and online experience.  You are not expected to be an expert in online therapy, or a technical whizz!  We are keen to have more Directors without Portfolio, as this can give you an insight, and step onto the Board, without the focus of a specific role.  

If you are interested, please contact me at

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