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ACTO AGM 2019 Report for CORE

In the Summer of 2018, ACTO R&D group set up a pilot with the generous support of CORE-IMS to evaluate the use of CORE-Net around online therapy.

CORE-Net is the digitalised version of the outcome measures CORE that allows the practitioner to send out remote email invitations to complete outcome measures, but also the software analyses the client’s data providing an overall CORE score, but also for individual items, both numerically and graphically.

The therapists involved in this pilot found that they were provided with a means to screen share with clients the clients’ data and so could track session-by-session the progress of their clients. A key finding was that this provided a valuable therapeutic tool for rated highly by both therapists and clients.

It also provided a means with which the effectiveness of online therapy, including its different formats, could be assessed. From this small pilot, we found that 75% of the clients showed some level of improvement in their overall psychological well-being by the end of the pilot.

Following the success of the pilot, the ACTO Board decided in Autumn 2018 to purchase CORE-Net so it could be provided as a membership benefit to professional ACTO members.

As a key finding of the pilot was the importance of robust training, the ACTO Board put the training specifications out to tender. The Academy for Online Counselling and Psychotherapy was awarded the training contract and this course will start in May 2019. The Academy for Online Counselling and Psychotherapy will provide a ten-week course that will then enable the practioner to be registered on the ACTO CORE-Net site and use it as a therapeutic tool with their clients.

ACTO also aims to use the CORE-Net site to develop research projects and to match up researchers with practitioners so that high quality data for research projects can be derived whilst maintaining the confidentiality of both clients and therapists. The ACTO Board believes this is an exciting opportunity to both develop this online therapeutic tool amongst its membership, but also to enhance the research capabilities into online therapy.