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Academy For Online Counselling And Psychotherapy

We offer a wide range of courses training you to work therapeutically online, suiting you and your organisation's needs. These all lead to ACTO Professional Membership.

Our Professional Courses include a General Certificate in Online Counselling course (80 hours) - ideal for working in organisations, a Diploma (and a time flexible Modular Diploma) in Online Counselling and Psychotherapy (around 300 hours) - ideal for service managers and those in private practice, and a Diploma in Digital Supervision (around 300 hours) which qualifies a therapist in face to face and online supervision. The Modular Diploma in Online Counselling and Psychotherapy which takes into account prior learning and experience.

Alongside these we also run specialist courses, such as using CORE-net online, or working with ProReal for avatar-based therapy, CBT online.

We run a series of short courses for your CPD needs which also all count towards our Modular Diploma in Online Counselling & Psychotherapy.

The Academy’s Vision and Mission Statement

I hope to be able to inspire people to think differently; to not to be afraid to be who they are and not to take everything they were taught in the school or in the media or anywhere else just as a given. Actually, to question what is being said and the validity of it and to do it in a way that is constructive and that leads to higher understanding and higher levels of creativity.” (The Connected Universe, Haramein 2016).

This quotation summarises the vision we have for what our students may achieve on our courses and later on in the mental health professions as online graduates.

What are The Academy’s key aims?

The ACADEMY FOR ONLINE COUNSELLING & PSYCHOTHERAPY specialises in training for mental health professionals, especially for those working therapeutically online or wishing to work online. We are continuously seeking to expand the horizons of online therapy and demonstrate its power and effectiveness in changing lives.  In particular:

acad @We aim to provide all our students with the tools, skills, knowledge and               confidence to work online                                   therapeutically by the end of the                       course they are studying.

acad @We aim to role model high levels of governance and good practice for                     working online therapeutically.

acad @We aim to inspire our students to challenge and be challenged                               throughout their learning and to                       think differently as a result.

acad @We aim to facilitate our students becoming more employable through               their newly acquired qualification.

acad @We aim to continuously explore new ways of working online                                         therapeutically and how digital                         aspects may impact or/and                                 enhance  the therapeutic and                             supervisory relationships.